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Post-War Portugal : Late Dictatorship, 1945-1974

Portugal joined the United Nations in 1955. After Britain, France and Belgium had given independence to most of it's colonies in the years 1957 to 1964, Portugal stubbornly held on to theirs. Guerilla organizations - the MPLA in Angola, the FRELIMO in Moçambique, received financial support from the Soviet Union and her allies, as well as arms. South Africa assisted the UNITA, another guerilla organization.
While the economies of western Europe took off and the European Community developed, Portugal, because of it's dictatorship, was not admitted, and it's economy stagnated. Many Portuguese migrated into EEC countries (mostly to France) in search for labour.
Decades of dictatorship and political suppression now strengthened the sentiment of having missed out on something. The ideology so long bedevilled by the oppressive government became all the more fascinating.

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