Late Dictatorship

Portugal since 1974

One morning in 1974, Lisbon Radio station played the song GRANDOLA VILLA MORENA. This was the signal for certain army units to leave the barracks and occupy strategic locations. The government was disempowered and a military junta, consisting of young, reform-oriented officers leaning to the left, formed.
Portugal lived through a euphoric phase; long-forbidden political parties such as the communists and social democrats suddenly became major political forces.
The colonies were released into independence, Portuguese Timor occupied by Indonesia; the Portuguese offered to return Macau to China. Only to learn that the Chinese refused to take over immediately; the takeover was postponed to 1999. In the months after the coup, relations with the US were strained because the latter regarded the Portuguese junta as communist; by the end of 1975, US-Portuguese relations normalized. Portugal established diplomatic relations with the USSR in 1974, with the PR China in 1979.

Portugal rapidly reverted to parliamentary democracy, the political sentiment at first staunchly on the political left. The country applied for EC membership. Yet, membership was not granted immediately. The economy, meanwhile, suffered as refugees returned from the colonies, such as Angola, where ongoing civil war had made life for them untenable. In the early years after the revolution, Portugal saw a frequent change of administrations; in 1986, Portugal was finally admitted to the European Community as one of its poorer members. Yet, it has ever since come up with strong figures of economic growth.
In 1989, the constitution was revised, Marxist concepts of nationalization and collectivization, included in the constitution of 1976, were eliminated.

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