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Spain Genova
First posted on November 17th 2011

Political History . Carthaginian, then briefly independent. Roman from 123 BCE to c.455. Then part of the Vandal Kingdom until 535, when they were conquered by the Byzantine Empire. The islands fell to the Caliphate of Cordoba in 903. From 1013 to 1067 under the Taifa of Deria, then separate Taifa. From 1113 to 1116 the islands were held by the Republic of Pisa, from 1116 to 1147 by the Almoravids. Second Taifa of Mallorca from 1147 to 1203. From 1203 to the 1229 rule of Abu Yahya. In 1229 Mallorca and Ibiza were conquered by Aragon. In 1276 the inheritance of King Jaime I. of Aragon was split and the Kingdom of Mallorca formed. The Kingdom included the Balearic Islands and Roussillon - Cerdagna. Menorca remained a Muslim state tributary to Mallorca until 1287, when it was annexed by the latter. In 1349 the Kingdom of Mallorca was annexed by the Crown of Aragon. The Inquisition was established on the Baleares in 1478.
Menorca was British from 1713 to 1782 and from 1798 to 1802. The Balearic Islands are a province of Spain.

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