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First posted on September 18th 2005, last revised on September 7th 2010

The Muslim conquest of most of the Iberian peninsula 711-718 left only parts of mountainous northern Spain under the control of Christian chieftains. One of these statelets was the Duchy of Vasconia. In the later half of the 9th century it was succeeded by the Kingdom of Pamplona, first mentioned in a chronicle dating from 905. Partitions in 1035 and 1199 reduced it to a fraction of its former territory. Garcia Ramirez (1134-1150) was the first king to use the title "King of Navarra".
Navarra participated in the Reconquista, but after the conquest of Tudela was eliminated as it no longer had a common border with the Muslim sultanates of Spain.
Navarra was able to protect her independence vis-a-vis larger neighbours (Castile, Aragon) by cultivating her alliance with France. When Castile and Aragon and France were at war, in 1512 the Duke of Alba, for Castile, conquered Iberian Navarra (Upper Navarra), which was annexed by Castile (Spain), but retained her traditional law (Province of Navarra).
Lower Navarra (i.e. the parts of Navarra located north of the Pyrenees) retained its independence and the title "Kingdom of Navarra"; it became a center of the Protestant Reformation. Upon the death of King Henri III of France, King Henri of Navarra became King Henri IV. of France (1589-1610). From now on (Lower) Navarre and France were united in dynastic union. (Lower) Navarra retained her separate institutions, but the kings resided in Paris / Versailles, and (Lower) Navarra had become a small sideland of France. Formally the Kingdom of Navarre was annexed into France during the French Revolution.

The Kingdom of Navarra, 905-1515

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