History of West Africa Gold Coast

Ashanti Confederation, late 17th century - 1901

The Ashanti Confederation (also called Asante) was established in the late 17th century. It's political center was Kumasi, where the Asantehene (king) resided. The Golden Stool was a symbol the Asantehene's power. The language was Asante. The state was warlike.
In 1806/14 the Ashanti conquered the coastal Fanti (Fante) states. In 1817 and 1820, the Ashanti signed treaties of friendship with Britain. Yet, Britain's policy to actively suppress slave trade resulted in conflict; in 1824 the Ashanti defeated a British force; peace was signed in 1831. The Danes closed down their trading posts in 1850, the Dutch ceded their possesons on the Gold Coast to the British in 1872.
Late in the 19th century, Britain searched to establish it's sovereignty over the confederation. In 1874, a British force under Sir Garnet Wolseley occupied Kumasi and annexed the coastal province, which was declared the Gold Coast Colony. The Ashanti resisted, but were defeated in 1896, when a Protectorate was proclaimed. King Prempeh I. was exiled to the Seychelles, and the Ashanti Protectorante, after an Ashanti uprising provoked by the British in 1900, the kingdom was declared dissolved, integrated into the Gold Coast Colony.
In the 1880s, the Ashanti state, including vassall statelets, was described as 193,000 square km in size, with a population of 4.5 million (Meyers).

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