1918-1939 History of West Africa Independence

Dahomey, French West Africa, 1939-1960

World War II broke out in 1939. On June 25th French forces in France proper surrendered to the Germans, and the Vichy-administration was formed by Field Marshall Petain, collaborating with the Germans. Soon, General Charles de Gaulle established a Free French administration at Brazzaville, French Equatorial Africa, vowing to fight Nazi Germany and Vichy-France.
The administration of French West Africa at Dakar recognized the legitimacy of the Vichy-administration. Communication was difficult, however, as the British Navy controlled the Atlantic Ocean. With the Allied landing in North Africa in Nov. 1942, communication with Vichy-France was made impossible, and Dakar switched it's allegiance to Free France.
In 1946, Dahomey was declared an OVERSEAS TERRITORY, given an ASSEMBLY, French West Africa representation in France's National Assembly. In 1959, French West Africa was dissolved, in 1960 Dahomey's independence declared.

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