History of West Africa Guinea before 1891

Futa Djalon

Futa Djalon (Fouta Djallon, Futa Jallon) was an Islamic Kingdom established by KARAMAKO ALPHA (1725-1750) and his successor IBRAHIMA SORI (1751-1784). After the latter's death, a DIARCHY was introduced with two ALMAMIs (kings), one being a descendant of K. Alpha, one of I. Sori, ruling in alternation. The state was based on slavery. The core inhabitants, the FULANI were Muslim zealots, aiming to spread Islam and combat paganism by a holy war (JIHAD); the state, at least in the 18th century, was expansive.
The French proclaimed a PROTECTORATE in 1899 and soon after included it in the colony and protectorate of Guinea.

African Alphabets, by Saki Mafundikwa, Futa scripts

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