1918-1939 History of West Africa Ghana
since 1957

Stamps issued by the British Postal Administration for the Gold Coast
featuring Christiansborg Castle at Accra

Gold Coast, 1939-1957

World War II was fought 1939-1945. After the war, the world was a different place. The United Nations, successor to the League of Nations, pushed for democratization of the colonies and transition toward self-government. TOGOLAND was declared a UN territory under British trusteeship.
In 1946 a CONSTITUTION had been passed, which provided Africans with a majority of seats in the ASSEMBLY; yet it still favoured the whites and stopped well short of the principle one person - one vote. In 1948, riots broke out in the major towns. KWAME NKRUMAH advocated self-government now; the British administration held negotiations with him. In 1951 a new constitution was passed. In 1956 the population of Togoland in a plebiscite opted to integrate their territory into the Gold Coast, whicj in 1957, under the name of GHANA, became independent.

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