1891-1918 History of West Africa 1939-1958

Guinea, 1919-1939

During the interwar years, the French administration promoted the cultivation of export crops, improved the infrastructure. In the 1930es, diamond mining began at Aredor; in the late 1930es, export of Bauxite began.
A small elite of French-educated Guineans emerged, which was dissatisfied with the French administration's paternalistic approach.
In 1936, Guinea had a population of 2,011,172, of whom 3,168 were whites. Conakry had a population of 13,558. Guinea had 662 km of railroad line, 8000 km of country road, 597 km of telephone lines and 115 registered telephones,

Guinea, History of, from Infoplease
Conakry, from Infoplease
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