1842-1918 History of West Africa 1939-1960

The French Colony, 1919-1939

In 1934, ABIDJAN became the colony's capital. In 1935, the railway line was extended to Ouagadougou (Upper Volta). Upper Volta, as a separate administrative entity, had been split up in 1932, the southwestern part of it having been annexed to the Ivory Coast (Upper Volta would be recreated in 1947).
In 1936, Cote d'Ivoire had a population of 3,850,653 (incl. the areas annexed from former Upper Volta); 3,723 of them were white. Abidjan had 17,476 inhabitants. Cote d'Ivoire had 807 km of railway lines, 15,000 km of country roads (1934), 360 km of telephone lins and 269 registered telephones

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French West Africa, from Infoplease
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