History of West Africa


Kaarta was a state, named after the capital city of KAARTA, located on the upper Niger river in modern Mali. It was founded by the BAMBARA which conquered the region around 1650; the city of Kaarta itself was founded ca. 1753, near Kumbi, the old capital of the Kingdom of MALI. State religion of Kaarta was Islam.
Long outshadowed by SEGOU, another Bambara state on the Niger, King AL-HAJJ UMAR of Kaarta conquered Segou's successor state Macina in 1862. He thus greatly expanded Kaarta in 1862, which now dominated the upper Niger valley. In the 1890s, SHEIKH AHMADU of Kaarta resisted French advance, but was defeated in 1893 and Kaarta came under French administration. The country was subsequently partitioned among French Senegal, French Soudan (= Mali) and French Mauretania.


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