History of West Africa Nigeria

Lagos, 1861-1906

Slaves freed by the Royal Navy when they captured slave trading vessels in the 1830es settled at the coast of western Nigeria, a.o. at LAGOS; British missionaries and traders followed. In 1851 the Royal Navy interfered in a local power struggle, deposing King Kosoko. In 1861, Britain proclaimed a PROTECTORATE over Lagos to keep Kosoko from coming back.
The climate at Lagos was unhealthy for Europeans; the city long was administrated from Freetown (Sierra Leone), later from Accra (Gold Coast). In 1886, Lagos was declared a separate colony.
Meanwhile, the ROYAL NIGER COMPANY acquired wide lands to the north and east of Lagos, which became part of the NIGER COAST PROTECTORATE in 1894, which was renamed COLONY AND PROTECTORATE OF SOUTHERN NIGERIA in 1900. In 1906, Lagos was integrated into the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria, the capital of which was relocated from Calabar to Lagos.
In 1883 the colony had a size of 189 square km, a population of 87,165 (Meyers).

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