1847-80 History of West Africa Liberia

Liberia Independent, 1880-1918

In the course of the SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA, Liberia had to sign a number of treaties with colonial powers (Britain, France), in which it ceded border territory to them (1885, 1895, 1912). In fact, the area Liberia's government really had under control did not reach that far inland.
In the 1880es, according to government information, the total population numbered 1,068,000, of whom 18,000 were "somewhat civilized" (Meyers). In 1882-1883, state revenues 174,014 $, state expenses 157,465 $; state debt 500,000 $. "As Liberia is incapable of paying back her debt, England (the creditor) will probably take land instead. The republic has failed to live up to expectations, and only has shown, what class spirit, lethargy, the desire to rule over strangers and the weaker can achieve." (Meyers)
Liberia remained neutral during most of World War I, declaring war on the Central Powers late in the War.

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