Royal Niger Company History of West Africa Nigeria 1914-1918

Northern Nigeria, 1900-1914

The charter of the Royal Niger Company was revoked in 1900, and the British government took over. The territory was named Northern Nigeria, and Frederick Lugard was appointed High Commissioner.
He launched a military campaign to enforce British rule. The emirates of Northern Nigeria succumbed in 1903; Kano and Sokoto were taken by force. The capital of Northern Nigeria was moved from Lokoja to Zungeru in 1902. In 1912 the move of the capital from Zungeru to Kaduna was contemplated. Railway lines were constructed to connect Lagos with Jebba on the Niger River (begun in 1896, finished in 1909) and Baro on the Niger River with Kano (begun in 1907).
Regarding the administration of predominantly Islamic Northern Nigeria, Lugard implemented Indirect Rule, which relied mainly on the Emirs as executors of British policy. Lugard was reluctant to permit missionaries the opening of schools in Northern Nigeria, in order not to offend the Emirs on whom the country's administration relied.
In 1912, Frederick Lugard was also appointed High Commissioner of Southern Nigeria; In 1914, according to his suggestion, both protectorates were merged into one colony - Nigeria. A major reason for the merger were the costs for railway construction.

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