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Portuguese Guinea 1919-1939

Compared to most other colonial powers, Portugal was economically backward. Since the mid 1920es, Portugal was a rightist dictatorship, the strongman of which was SALAZAR. The Portuguese government saw the colonies primarily as an economic frontier, to be developed in the interest of the Portuguese.
Due to it's climate - hot and humid - Portuguese Guinea received less attention than Angola, where wite settlers established plantations and developed mining. Portuguese Guinea was a colony of minor importance, thus a backward colony, of a backward colonial power.
In 1933, Portuguese Guinea had a population of 300,403, of whom 1,226 were listed as white. Bolama had 4,000 inhabitants; Bissau was not listed. In 1938, 350 trucks and 135 cars were registered. Portuguese Guinea had 4 km of telephone lines and 23 registered telephones.

Guinea Bissau, History of, from Infoplease
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