1808-1880 History of West Africa 1919-1939

British Sierra Leone, 1880-1918

In 1880, British currency was introduced (hitherto, Spanish, Mexican and South American Pesos (Dollars) had been in use).
With the scramble for Africa going on, Britain established a sphere of interest around it's protectorate of Freetown in agreements with France (1882) and Liberia (1885). In 1888, Gambia was separated from Sierra Leone.
British economic interest in her colony of Sierra Leone and its hinterland seemed limited; expansion in the hinterland began relatively late. However, Sierra Leone played a significant role for the development of colonialism in Africa in general. For instance, when the Congo Free State was established, Sierra Leoneans were recruited to form the core of a Congolese "Force Publique" - they (Krios) were able to communicate and accustomed to interact with whites, and they did not have any common bonds with the Congolese tribes, which might have questioned their loyalty to their employers.
In 1896, Britain proclaimed a protectorate over entire Sierra Leone, extending her authority over the interior. The country was divided in 5 provinces, the borders drawn in a way to reduce the power of the traditional chief. This arrangement caused immediate protests from the chiefs. Railroad construction was begun.
When a hut tax was imposed in 1898, the indigenous Temme and Mende rose in a revolt, the Temne led by Bai Bureh, the Mende by Momoh Jah. The rebels attacked missionaries and Europeanized Africans as well as colonial oficials, defeated colonial forces on several ocasions and put up stubborn resistance; the British campaigned for 10 months, burning 97 villages. Finally, the rebels were worn down, the leaders arrested.

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