German Colony
History of West Africa 1939-1960

British and French Mandate, 1916/1919-1939

German Togo surrendered in August 1914. The British and French partitioned Togo according to a secret agreement signed in 1916; the respective zones were allocated as mandates to Britain and France by the League of Nations in 1919. British forces, who held the coastal area around Lome, evacuated it.
Britain received the western stretch, which under the name of TOGOLAND was administrated from Accra, as an annex to the GOLD COAST. France treated it's share of Togo as a separate territory, integrated into French West Africa.
The entire railway network, as well as the capital of Lome and the coastal stretch, fell in the French part. In 1934, French Togo was merged with Dahomey. in 1937 it was split off again.

History of Togo, from Infoplease
Togo, from Deutsche Schutzgebiete, in German, and from Traditionsverband, timeline in German
Links to Togolese History, from Looksmart
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