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Literature on the History of West Africa
First posted on October 13th 2005, last revised on May 9th 2012

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Click here for the history of Dahomey (Benin), French Soudan (Mali), Guinea, Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire), Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Upper Volta (Haute Volta, Burkina Faso)

Students' Paper : Chang, HyeJin, Environmental History of West Africa (2012)
Students' Paper : Kim, Ji Yang, Demographic History of West Africa (2009)
Students' Papers : Kim, Jiwan, The European View of West Africa and Colonialism as expressed in Historic Encyclopedias (2009)

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Country Profiles Jean-Louis Boutillier, Une Societe AOFienne ? (A French West African Society ?), from tekrur.org, in French
Links General
on History
Historical Dictionaries
Accounts of History
Administration Ahmeth Ndaiye, La Formation du Personnel Africain de la Sante en AOF (The Formation of African Personnel in the Health Service of French West Africa), from tekrur.org, in French
Economy & Finances
Social History J. Morel, Calendrier des crimes de la France outre-mer, 2005 : 9 octobre 1915: Decret de mobilisation de tout indigene de dix-huit ans (AOF), 23 mars 1946 : Le travail force se perpetue, cent ans apres l'abolition de l'esclavage (AOF)
History of Regions
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Documents Historical Newspapers Official Gazettes Bulletin administratif ["puis" Bulletin officiel] du Gouvernement general de l'Afrique occidentale française, 1902-1904, Gallica
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Senegal Online, Galeries de Photos, Cartes Postales Anciennes, Gravures ..
Senegal Online, Affiches de l'Afrique Occidentale Française (Posters)
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Items on Fr. West Africa
Archival Deposits J. Jones, Index to Notes on Documents in the Aechives of the Government of French West Africa
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Historical Maps collections
Africa, Modern Africa 1905, 1912, 1938, 1959, 1967, 1993, J. de Salas Vara del Rey
Africa, Contemporary Historical Map of Africa 1885, Nations Online Project
Africa 1885, PCL, UTexas
Africa 1909, World Maps Online
Africa 1910, Emerson Kent
Africa 1913, Zonu
AOF, Modern
AOF, Contemporary Imago Mundi, Carte de l'Afrique occidentale française, Vidal de la Blache c.1910
West Africa 1914, from Heritage History
Humtec, AOF c. 1930s
AOF 1936
Missions protestantes en A.O.F., 1950, Carte d'implantation des differentes societes de missions protestante, 1952, DEFAP
Carte des fuseaux horaires de l'Afrique occidentale française 1912, Gallica
Carte zootechnique de l'Afrique occidentale française 1906, Gallica
Repartition approximative des peuplements naturels de caoutchouc (AOF) 1906, Gallica
AOF 1936, Wikipedia
Guinea (i.e. most of French West Africa) 1936, Probert Encyclopedia
detail maps see Benin (for Dahomey), Burkina Faso (for Haute Volta), Cote d'Ivoire, Guinee, Mali (for Soudan Française), Niger, Senegal, Togo
U.S. Army Map Service, French West Africa 1:200,000, 1940-, PCL, UTexas
U.S. Army Map Service, West Africa 1:250,000, 1955-, PCL, UTexas
Carte de l'Afrique a l'echelle de 1:2 000 000. 09. Sta Cruz de Tenerife 1883, 09. Sta Cruz de Tenerife 1889, 09. Sta Cruz de Tenerife 1897, 10. Bir el Abbas 1883, 10. Bir el-Abbas 1889, 10. Bir el-Abbas 1896, 11. In Salah 1884, 11. In Salah 1889, 11. In Salah 1895, 12. Mourzouk 1887, 16. St Louis 1883, 16. St Louis 1898, 17. Timbouctou 1883, 17. Timbouctou 1892, 18. Gogo 1884, 18. Gao-Gao 1899, 19. Agadez 1888, 19. Agadez 1902, 23. Free Town 1884, 23. Free Town 1892, 24. Segou Sikoro 1884, 24. Segou Sikoro 1892, 25. Sokoto 1884, 25. Sokoto 1898, 26. Kouka 1888, 26. Kouka 1898, 31. Monrovia 1882, 31. Monrovia 1892, 32. Koumassi 1883, 32. Koumassi 1892, 33. Benin 1883, 33. Benin 1900, Gallica
Encyclopedia Entries
Secular Articles French West Africa, from EB 1911
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Bibliographies general Search ISBN Database
on AOF survey of bibliographies
bibliographic database AfricaBib : Africana Periodical Literature, African Women, Women Travelers, Explorers and Missionaries to Africa
African Borderlands Research Network : Bibliography
general bibliographies
annual bibliographies
specialist bibliographies
serial publications
general bibliographies
AOF entries
J. Gay, Bibliographie des ouvrages relatifs a l'Afrique et a l'Arabie : catalogue methodique de tous les ouvrages français et des principaux en langues etrangeres traitant de la geographie, de l'histoire, du commerce, des lettres et des arts de l'Afrique et de l'Arabie 1875, in French, Gallica
Roots Institute, Bibliography of Published Primary Sources in African History (English Language)

Online Libraries general Google Books; Internet Archives; Gutenberg Library Online; HathiTrust
International Boundary Studies
on AOF Gallica
Aluka, African Online Digital Library (AODL), African Digital Library (ADL)
General Accounts Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition, Macropaedia, Vol.29, pp.909-912 Article Western Africa. KMLA Lib.Sign. R 032 B862h v.29
J.A. Ballard, The Colonial Phase in French West Africa, pp.380-404, in J.F. Ade Ajayi and Ian Espie (ed.), A Thousand Years of West African History, Ibadan UP (1965) 1967 [G]
Naval Intelligence Division, French West Africa, 2 volumes, London 1941, 435, 596 pp. [G]
Specific Topics Hans Meyer, Die Eisenbahnen im Tropischen Afrika (The Railroads in Tropical Africa), Leipzig : Duncker & Humblot 1902, in German, posted by DTBSWS, chapter Togo, pp.37-41
M'Baye Gueye and A. Adu Boahen, African initiatives and resistance in West Africa, 1880-1914, pp. 114-148, in : A. Adu Boahen (ed.), Africa under Colonial Domination 1880-1935, Vol.VII of UNESCO General History of Africa, Oxford : Heinemann 1985 [G]
A. Adu Boahen, Politics and Nationalism in West Africa, 1919-1935, pp. 624-647 (Senegal pp.643-646), in : A. Adu Boahen (ed.), Africa under Colonial Domination 1880-1935, Vol.VII of UNESCO General History of Africa, Oxford : Heinemann 1985 [G]
Chapter 45 : Dakar and French West Africa, pp.871-883, in : John Gunther, Inside Africa, NY : Harper & Bros. (1953) 1955 [G]
John D. Hargreaves (ed.), France and West Africa. An anthology of historical documents, London : MacMillan 1969 [G]
North and West French Africa, in : Jasper H. Stembridge, The Oxford War Atlas Volume II, 1 September 1941 to 1 January 1943, Oxford : UP 1943 [G]
Historical Dictionaries
Historical Yearbook Entries Article (French) Western Africa, in : Britannica Book of the Year 1913 p.1006 (on events of 1912) [G]
Article French Colonial Empire, from : Britannica Book of the Year 1945 pp.301-302, 1946 pp.329-330, 1947 pp.344-345, 1948 pp.330-332 [G]
Article French Overseas Territory, from : Britannica Book of the Year 1949 pp.287-290 (on events in 1948) [G]
Article French Union, in : Britannica Book of the Year 1950 pp.305-308 (on events of 1949) [G]
Article French West Africa, in : Britannica Book of the Year 1952 pp.304-305 (on events of 1951) [G]
Article : French West Africa and the Sahara, in : Statesman's Yearbook 1937 pp.949-959 (data of 1935-1937) [G]
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