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Literature on the History of West Africa
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Danish Trading Posts in Africa

I.) The Danish Gold Coast under the Administration of the
Danish West Indian and Guinean Company

In 1658 the Danes established several trading posts located on the Gold Coast, conquering forts such as Fort Frederiksborg (Kpompo) and Fort Christiansborg (at Accra, 1661), from Sweden in a war which ended in 1663. The Danes already had entered the Transatlantic slave trade in 1651; the main purpose of the Danish trading posts in West Africa was the acquisition of slaves to be sold in colonies in the Caribbean. In 1625 Dutchman Johan de Wilhem settled in Copenhagen and was granted the licence to trade with Brazil, the West Indies, Virginia and Guinea. For many years, the lack of capital prevented him from making full use of his licence. In 1659 the Danish Africa Company was founded, in 1671 renamed Danish West Indian and Guinean Company and granted a royal charter, which took over the administration of the Danish Gold Coast and the Danish West Indies (where Denmark began to acquire territory in 1672). It was a joint stock company having, within Danish territory, the monopoly for the Transatlantic trade and the exclusive right to produce sugar. The company took on the obligation to maintain regular communication with the colonies and to sell a certain amount of Danish products in the colonies. The company headquarters was in Copenhagen.
In 1680-1682, Christiansborg briefly was occupied by the Portuguese. In 1685 the Danes moved their headquarters from Fort Frederiksborg to Fort Christiansborg.

II.) The Danish Gold Coast a Danish Crown Colony

In 1754, the Danish Gold Coast became Danish crown colony; Denmark purchased the stocks, which now no longer was a joint stock company. In 1760 the West Indian-Guinean Chamber of Revenues was established. In 1776 the Danish West Indian and Guinean Company was dissolved. In 1781 a West Indian Trade Company, in 1782 a Baltic-Guinean Trade Company were founded.
From 1782 to 1785 it was under British occupation. Late in the 18th century, Ernst Schimmelmann, Danish Minister of Finance (1784-1813), suggested that the slave trade was declining and that Denmark should introduce a Plantation Economy in it's African colonies. Denmark itself outlawed slave trade as early as 1792 (taking effect in 1802). Danish and Norwegian ships, between 1660 and 1806, on a total og 340 transtalantic trips were assumed to have transported 85,000 to 100,000 slaves. Attempts to establish plantations were made around Fort Frederiksborg.
In 1816 the West Indian-Guinean Chamber of Revenues was merged with the College of Commerce to form the General Customs Chamber and College of Commerce (College being a bureaucratic body).
However, neither the plantation economy nor trade in other goods flourished as hoped. The traditional trading partners, the coastal Fanti states, were subjugated by the Ashanti by 1807. The Danish trading posts were finally abandoned; in 1850 Denmark sold it's property and claims on the Gold Coast to Great Britain.

Christiansborg Castle at Accra, here depicted on (British) Gold Coast Stamps,
is a lasting monument of Danish presence at the Gold Coast until 1850

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