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Literature on the History of West Africa
Togo Cameroon
First posted in April 2002, last revised on February 21st 2013

Nigeria since Independence , 1939-1960 , 1918-1939 , 1914-1918

Northern Nigeria .. Southern Nigeria
Lagos .. Oil Rivers Protectorate .. Royal Niger Company
Oyo .. Benin .. Sokoto .. Bornu

Historical Atlas, British West Africa Page

see also History of British West Africa

Students' Paper : Chang, HyeJin, Environmental History of West Africa (2012)
Students' Paper : Kim, Ji Yang, Demographic History of West Africa (2009)
Students' Papers : Kim, Jiwan, The European View of West Africa and Colonialism as expressed in Historic Encyclopedias (2009)

Country Profiles Modern CIA World Factbook : Nigeria; BBC Country Profile Nigeria; World Desk Reference : Nigeria; Art and Life in Africa : Nigeria
Library of Congress Country Studies : Nigeria
Nigeria Page, from African Studies at UPenn; from Africa South of the Sahara at Stanford
Nigeria Information, from Art & Life of Africa
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Links General Nigeria, from Post-Colonial Web (links)
Dawodu.com, has numerous articles on Nigerian history and politics
on History
Historical Dictionaries Afropedea
Organizations Historical Society of Nigeria
West Africa Study Circle (Philatelist)
Timelines Timeline, from BBC News; from timelines.ws
Timeline Nigerian History, from ngex
Accounts of History History of Nigeria, from newafrica.com
Brief History of Nigeria, from Motherland Nigeria
Historical Government, from Motherland Nigeria
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For the Record : Nigeria, from UN Human Rights System
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by Region Pre-Colonial States General List of Nigerian Traditional States, from Wikipedia
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Ilorin Article : Ilorin Emirate, from Wikipedia
Kalabari Article : Kalabari Kingdom, from Wikipedia
Kano Articles : Kingdom of Kano, Kano Emirate, from Wikipedia
Oyo Article : Oyo Empire, from Wikipedia
Sokoto Article : Sokoto Caliphate, from Wikipedia
Warri Article : Kingdom of Warri, from Wikipedia
Historic Polities/Provinces Biafra Article : Biafra, from Wikipedia
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Modern States General Article : States of Nigeria, from Wikipedia
States of Nigeria, from www.statoids.com
Geographic Regions Niger Delta Article : Niger Delta, from Wikipedia
Institutions Nigeria, from Airline History

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen World Statesmen : Nigeria, by Ben Cahoon; Rulers : Nigeria, by B. Schemmel; Regnal Chronologies : West Africa, scroll down for Kano
Lists of Ambassadors Chinese Ambassadors to Nigeria, from PRC MOFA
Statistical Data Responsible Institution National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Nigeria, from Population Statistics at Univ. Utrecht
Exchange Rates Historical Exchange Rates, from Oanda, since 1990
Nairaland, Nigeria Exchange Rate to Dollar History 1972-
Inflation Rates Historical Inflation Rates, from Index Mundi, since 2000
Election Results Nigeria, from Elections around the World
Documents Historical Newspapers Official Gazettes
Selected Articles Time Topics : Biafra
The History of the Republic of Nigeria, from World History Archives
Staatskalender Digitized Books from Nigeria 1897-1938 British Online Archives, Nigeria Blue Books 1862-1945
Online Yearbooks - Nigeria Entries
Image Databanks Systematic Collections
Systematic Collections
Accidental Collections Digital Journalist : 100 Photographs that Changed the World by Life : Biafra 1969
Universal Collections
Items on Nigeria
License Plates : Nigeria, from Francoplaque
Airline Timetable Images : Nigeria
Archival Deposits British Archives National Archives, UK
Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Archive Records
ArchivesHub, UK
British Library, Nigeria Official Publications
(British) Government Publications Relating to Africa in Microform, D.C. Dorward : Government Publications Relating to Nigeria 1862-1960
(British) Government Publications Relating to Africa in Microform, D.C. Dorward : Annual Departmental Reports Relating to Nigeria and British Cameroons, 1887-1961
Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Nigeria: Political Parties, Trades Unions and Pressure Groups Material 1957-, ArchivesHub
U.S. Archives National Archives, US : Confidential U.S. State Department Files : Biafra-Nigeria 1967-1969
Dutch Archives Nationaal Archief, Ambassade Nigeria 1959-1974
Nigerian Archives Endangered Archives : EAP087 : Northern Nigeria: precolonial documents preservation scheme
Constitutions, Laws List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by Nigeria, from ILO, 33 docs. since 1960
Document Surveys
Document Collections Truth Commissions : Nigeria, from United States Institute of Peace
U.S. Department of State, Office of the Historian, Nigeria : Document List
Biafraland, US Diplomatic Archives: Nigeria (1964-1968), extract of Foreign Relations vol.xxiv
World History Sources : The Nigerian Civil War and its Documents
S. Ekine (ed.), Blood and Oil : Testimonies of Violence from the Women of the Niger Delta, sources date from 1990 to 2000, IA
Radio Biafra London Online : Secret British Papers Released : Why Biafra Lost the War
Wikileaks : Nigeria
Open Source Guinea; site difficult to navigate, lots of primary sources
Individual Documents H. Goldie (ed.), Memoir of King Eyo VII of Old Calabar : a Christian king of Africa, 1894, IA
C.O. Ojukwu, Biafra's Declaration of Independence 1967, Black Past
C.O. Ojukwu, Ahiara Declaration, The Principles of the Biafran Revolution speech June 1 1969
Historical Maps responsible institutions Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa (DTCA), National Mapping Agencies in Africa
Federal Surveys, National Mapping Agencies in Africa
National Space research and Development Agency, National Mapping Agencies in Africa
collections : West Africa Historical Map Archive : Historical Maps of West Africa
collections : Nigeria Maps of Urhobo Lands and the Niger Delta, from Waado
Nigeria Maps, PCL, UTexas
Category : Maps of the History of Nigeria, Old Maps of Nigeria, from Wikimedia Commons
David Rumsey Map Collection : Nigeria
West Africa, Modern
West Africa, Contemporary d'Anville, Carte de la Cote de Guinee, 1729, Gallica
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AOF 1936
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Nigeria 1906, 1922, 1932, Probert Encyclopedia
Detail, Modern Biafra Independent State, from Wikipedia
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Encyclopedia Entries
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Institutions Archives National Archives of Nigeria, ArchivesWiki
Musea National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria
Libraries National Libraries of Africa : Nigeria
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry; from Wappenlexikon, comment in German, with history
National Anthems : Nigeria, from National Anthems, from David's National Anthem Reference Page
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes of Nigeria, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money; from World Currency Museum
Collections of Coins : Nigeria, bilingual Russian-English page
Stamps Rare Nigeria, Niger Coast, Northern Nigeria, Lagos Stamps, from Sandafayre Stamp Gallery
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