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A Brief History of Corsica

            Corsica is the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean. It is mountainous, has many bays and is located in the northwestern part of the Mediterranean Sea.
            Naval powers have had a great influence on the island. In Antiquity, Corsica first was a province of Carthago, then of Rome. In the Middle Ages, it was contested by Vandals, Byzantines, Ostrogoths, Tuscans, Saracens. In 1014, the combined fleet of Genova and Pisa defeated the Saracens.
            From 1733 to 1768, Corsica was independent, first under a king, later as a republic. Corsica adopted written constitutions in 1735 and 1755 - long before the United States and France did.
            In 1976 the FLNC was established. It demanded the recognition of the Corsicans as a separate nation. It undertook terrorist acts;

Sources :
La Corse au moyen-age (book)
La Corse durant le XVIIe siecle (book)
La Corse moderne, française ou independante ? (book)

Note : This page was not written for the purpose of information, but for the purpose of training readers to detect flaws, to guide them to critically view sources of information.
The book titles quoted here were made up.

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