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A Brief History of Corsica . points to be observed

In order to demonstrate the flaws, here a brief timeline of Corsican history :

280-238 BC      Corsica Carthaginian
238 BC-455 AD      Corsica Roman
455-704 AD      Corsica contested between Vandals, Byzantinians, Ostrogoths
704-1014 AD      Corsica contested between Saracens, Franks (Italian magnates or cities belonging to the Frankish kingdom or its successor, the Empire)
1014-1284 AD      Corsica contested by the Italian city republics of Pisa and Genova
1284-1769 AD      Corsica belonged to the Republic of Genova
1733-1769 AD      Corsicans revolted against Genova, and for periods of time established independence
since 1769 AD      Corsica belongs to and shares the history of France
1789-1815 AD      French Revolution; Corsica temporarily a British protectorate (1794-1796). Corsican Napoleon Emperor of France 1804-1815.
1914-1918 AD      World War I
1939-1945 AD      World War II. Axis forces invaded in Nov. 1942, established control in March 1943, were ousted by August 1943.
1976 AD      establishment of the separatist FLNC

note : the source base of this (mock) paper was made up.

Flaws :

(1)      author tries to use academic sources only. However, the collection of sources he used does not cover the entire range of the history of the island. As the author chose not to use encyclopedic sources such as the Wikipedia article on Corsica, he missed crucial periods (Corsica under the rule of Genova; Modern Corsica as part of France).
(2)      references : name of author, year of publication not given.
(3)      references : in case of non-English language sources, it is recommendable to add the English translation of the title in brackets

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