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History of the Suez Canal

            In 1798 Napoleon took his army to Egypt. He visited the pyramids.
            Many Frenchmen now studied about Egypt. Using the Rosetta Stone, Jean-François Champollion cracked Hieroglyphic script in 1822. He was the first to read it since Antiquity.
            Another Frenchman who thought much about Egypt was Ferdinand de Lesseps. He thought that ships from Asia could reach Europe much faster if a canal was dug which connected the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.
            The Khedive of Egypt supported de Lesseps, and work began in 1859. When it was opened in 1869, for the first time ships could sail from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.
            The canal is 120 miles long and 79 feet deep.
            When the Khedive of Egypt needed money, British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli bought the Egyptian Suez Canal shares.
            I think, he was the greatest engineer of all times.

Sources :
The green book in the library about the Suez Canal
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