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Cha, Sowan - Nihilism in Russia, 1860-1881

Cha, Sowan has attended my history class for two consecutive years, during which she has developed sincere interest in the subject and confidence in her analysis and judgment. The topic of Nihilism in Russia was given to her as a simple term assignment (for which students are given one month); she spent extraordinary effort and wrote a comprehensive, solid description and analysis, in a field (Russian cultural and socio-political history) which had been alien to her before she took on the task. In the age of the internet I want to stress that her usage of Korean language sources, her understanding of the matter and minor flaws in her English expression, which have been corrected for the online version of the text, prove that she had full ownership.
Her paper compares to a first year college seminar presentation.

September 14th 2007

Alexander Ganse

Cha, Sowan Nihilism in Russia, 1860-1881

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