Dramatization of History: A Comparison of Middle East Terrorism Depicted in Films Regarding 9/11 Attacks and Previous Events

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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June 9th 2008
June 9th 2008
June 9th 2008

Update June 17th
S. Anderson, S. Sloan, Historical Dictionary of Terrorism, Metuchen NJ : Scarecrow, 2nd edition 2002; series has excellent bibliographies

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As mentioned under B, the paper needs a definition of terrorism. I sense you mean international terrorism.

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The introduction needs to be further subdivided.
There should be a definition of terrorism. See http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120775/ (One Man's Hero), the Patriot, Michael Collins.
There should be a brief history of modern terrorism and of the history of international terrorism.
As Arabs in the cases you observe are 'the usual suspect', there should be a subchapter dealing with the Arab side of the story http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Battle_of_Algiers_(film); see events at Deir Yasin 1948, history of Palestine since 1918, of the PLO. I wonder if Egyptians and Kuwaitis (moderate Arabs) accept the label "terrorists" if applied to Palestinians.
There should be a brief subchapter on how Hollywood depicts the history of Israel; I have three movies - Exodus, Cast a Giant Shadow, Golda, and half another movie - Sadat.
Keep in mind that you do not help anyone if you write a paper for a European / American readership only; it should be acceptable to any reasonable reader, including those of Arab, especially Palestinian background.

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Your paper focusses on the Hollywood perception of terrorism, not on terrorism itself. An Israeli just made a movie on the Israeli- orchestrated attack on the Refugee Camps Sabra and Shatila, which probably will be very difficult to get. I wonder if there are any movies on Deir Yasin (1948), on the Israeli attack on the Palestinian refugee camps in Tunisia 1985, on the Lebanese Civil War. Part of the problem is that both sides, Israelis and Arabs, were involved in acts which may be labelled as terrorist, and western media tend to focus on one side of the story. If you are unable to find movies showing the other side of the story, your paper at least must reflect this imbalance.