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Ongoing Research Projects, 11th Wave (Prospective Graduates of 2009), Working Topics

May 28th 2008. As we did last year, I would like to organize a presentation of history research projects in September, to give you guys a chance to show off and impress the present freshmen and inspire the present sophomores. Keep this in mind over the summer and be ready by September. For the purpose of presentation it is not necessary to have finished your research paper by that time. Rather explain why you picked your topic, give a factual background, explain what questions you try answer and how you proceed to get to your answers; give a summaric analysis / report on the stage you have arrived at. It makes sense to organize it as a powerpoint presentation; such presentations could be posted afterward.

Requirements for Participants in Research Seminar History : By the time of the final term tests, students have to have posted (1) a working bbliography, (2) an outline and a working table of contents, and (3) one chapter of their paper, complete with notes. It is understood that all three items are subject to later changes.
Students who write research papers in history, but do not attend Research Seminar History, are asked to provide a time planner.

Requirements for Students who participate for a second semester in Research Seminar History : By the time of the final term tests, students are to have updated their bibliography and table of contents (if necessary) and to have posted 3 additional chapters.

Tools : Blank A4 gif image file for text files including Chinese, Korean or other non-Western fonts

Student Working Title Student's Log Teacher's Log Number
of Entries
Date of
Last Entry

LJO History of Conflict Between Korean Oriental Medical Science and Western Medical Science LJO's Log Teacher's Log ///8 completed 11-07
AIC Anglo-Korean Relations 1883-1910 AIC's Log Teacher's Log //11 Nov. 24th
PIH A Condensed Account of the History of Chinese and Korean Communism and the United States China Policy in the years 1921-1959 PIH's Log Teacher's Log //13 Dec. 4th
KIH NYT Coverage of Tibet 1960-1976 KIH's Log Teacher's Log //11 Dec. 5th
CSB History of Inner Mongolia CSB's Log Teacher's Log //5 Oct. 7th
LSA History of Guizhou 0 abandoned 5-28
BEW Partition and Consequences : A Comparison of India and Korea BEW's Log Teacher's Log //4 Dec. 4th
BEW The History of Urbanization in India BEW's Log Teacher's Log 5/ abandoned 9-30
CWH History of Self-Help in Korea CWH's Log Teacher's Log //6 Dec. 9th
KKM History of Guest Workers in Germany and Korea KKM's Log Teacher's Log //5 abandoned 12-12
KKM Comparison of State-Labour Union Relations UK (Thatcher) and ROK KKM's Log Teacher's Log /7 Dec. 3rd
KJK Influence of U.S. Aid - Comparison Turkey, ROK 1953-1980 KJK's Log Teacher's Log //14 Dec. 1st
PHR The Straits (Bosphorus, Dardanelles) in British Foreign Policy 1827-1947 PHR's Log Teacher's Log /4 Dec. 17th
GMH Upward Social Mobility in South Korea, 1962-1997 GMH's Log Teacher's Log 3// Nov. 28th
GMH Dramatization of History: A Comparison of Middle East Terrorism Depicted in Films Regarding 9/11 Attacks and Previous Events GMH's Log Teacher's Log 3/ terminated 8-29
GMH History of Dissenters in 17th and 18th Century England GMH's Log Teacher's Log 1 terminated 5-30
PKW Economic History of Poland 1919-1990 PKW's Log Teacher's Log //11 Nov. 28th
JJA Benjamin Disraeli as Depicted in Contemporary Cartoons and in Modern Cinematography JJA's Log Teacher's Log 2/ abandoned 8-29
KHJ The Korean War in Cinematography KHJ's Log Teacher's Log 5/ abandoned 8-29
CJY The Political Structure of the Continuation of the Israeli-Palestine Conflict CJY's Log Teacher's Log //7 Nov. 27th

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