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Term Papers Summer Session EH (1)
(Due Date Monday June 30th)

(1)      LKT      The Rise and Decline of Militant Orders
(2)           Crusades against Pagans and Heretics
(3)           History of the Street (Lighting, Paving, Curfew etc.)
(4)      KYY      History of the Pub / Bar
(5)      Miao      History of Wine Cultivation and Trade in Europe
(6)           History of Pollution Prior to the Industrial Revolution
(7)           History of the Forest Prior to the Industrial Revolution
(8)      CJY      How Historical are Grimm's Fairytales ?
(9)      YES      Serfs in Medieval Society
(10)      CJY      Dynastic Unions : Scotland's Road into the "Perfectr Union" of Great Britain (until 1625)
(11)      KDY      The Medieval Diet : The Reichstag in the Holy Roman Empire
(12)      BHW      City Politics : Lord Mayor, City Council and the Guilds
(13)      Chef      Heraldry : the Coats of Arms of Cities
(14)           Not all cities were equal : Immediate versus Mediate cities
(15)      PJH      The History of Book Printing in Europe
(16)           History of Land Reclamation in the Netherlands
(17)      YES      Natural Disasters affecting Europe from 1500 to 1800
(18)      LSI      History of the Jester (Joker, Fool) [ex. Till Eulenspiegel]
(19)      KCY      How did European society deal with disease 1500-1800
(20)           Fire, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting in European cities
(21)           History of the Alpine Glaciers

Term Papers Summer Session EH (2)
(Due Date Monday July 14th)

(1)      KYY      The European Diet before the Potato
(2)           Domestic Servants in Upper Class Households before and after 1914
(3)      BHW      History of the Newsreel
(4)      KYY      History of the County Fair
(5)      Miao      Vagabondism in 18th Century Europe
(6)      PJH      Penal Colonies
(7)      LSI      Science Fiction Literature in Europe until 1945
(8)      Miao      A Comparative History of Women's Emancipation in Britain and France
(9)      KCY      A Comparative History of Witch Persecution in England and France
(10)      KYY      A Comparative History of Higher Education in England and France
(11)      LKT      History of the Duel
(12)           History of Anticlericalism in Catholic Countries
(13)           The Social Impact of Latifundia in Southern Italy and Southern Spain
(14)      CJY      A Comparative Economic History of Amsterdam and Zürich
(15)      CJY      A Comparative Economic History of Venice and Florence
(16)      KDY      The Emergence of Metropoleis : London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna
(17)           Mining Boomtowns : Manchester & envorons, Dortmund & environs
(18)           Controlling the inlet of seas : Gibraltar and the Danish Sound
(19)      Chef      History of Rice Cultuvation in Europe
(20)           History of Silk Cultuvation and Processing in Europe
(21)      YES      Fashion at Versailles

Extra Topics

(22)      Spinster      The History of Radio in Europe
(23)      KCY      The Americanization of Western Europe 1945-1965
(24)           Paris 1968
(25)           Resistance against Soviet Domination in the Eastern Bloc
(26)           History of Franco-German Relations 1840-1957
(27)      Chef      A Divided City : Berlin 1945-1990
(28)      Spinster      Anti-Semitism in Russia, 1815-1914
(29)           The Catholic Church and the Labour Movement, 1860-1914
(30)           The Catholic Church and the Italian State, 1848-1929
(31)      KDY      The Mass Media Fascination with Sports (in Europe)
(32)      Miao      The History of Fast Food (in Europe)
(33)           The History of Customs Unions in Europe
(34)           The History of Air Transport in Europe
(35)      KDY      Europe's Car Industry 1918-1939
(36)           Sweden's Neutrality in WW I and WW II
(37)      YES      Comparative History of the Welfare State in Sweden and the UK
(38)           Reconstruction in East and West Germany, 1945-1950
(39)      KCY      Reconstruction in France - Comparison Post WW I and Post WW II
(40)           Universities in Communist Europe
(41)           Communist Parties in Western Europe
(42)      PJH      Swiss Neutrality 1870-1871, 1914-1918, 1939-1945
(43)      Chef      Germany's Allies and the Holocaust
(44)           Fascist Parties in Democratic Countries (until 1939)
(45)      PJH      Collaborators in Nazi-Occupied Europe
(46)           War and Technical Progress : Wartime Research 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
(47)           The Vatican in WW I and WW II
(48)           The Holy See, Zionism and Anti-Semitism

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         June 4th 2008          Alexander Ganse

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