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Students' Papers : Administrative History

I.) Definition : Administrative History deals with the history of administration.
(A) How was the country in general administrated - constitution, institutions etc.
(B) Emergence of Cabinet, of the Ministries
(C) History of the Administrative Division of the Country, of the Degree of Autonomy of the Divisions
Click here for a sample page on WHKMLA (which not necessarily covers all aspects listed above) :
(D) Prior to separation of state and church, the official church was responsible for functions such as the registration of births and deaths, for marriages etc., which later were taken over by the state; ecclesiastic administrative units thus were of equal importance.

II.) Sources
other sources

Many of the comments given under History of Regions do apply here.

III.) Criteria
Whom did the administration serve ? Who qualified for / was disqualified from working in the administration ? Noble versus commoner, Central government versus local interests.

IV.) Periodization
The object of this exercise is to establish a periodization for the region you chose, with emphasis on demographic development. Try do place sufficient emphasis on the various periods in question, as far as the sources permit.

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