On the Emotion of 'Han' in 20C South Korean Film

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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December 5th 2009
October 19th 2009
September 22nd 2009
September 22nd 2009

December 5th 2009 . go to YHW's Log

(1) reference to Guernica superfluous. Expect your readers to be educated persons.
(2) reference list : please refer to specific dictionary/encyclopedia articles, not to dictionaries/encyclopedias in general.
(3) After Shilla absorbed people from Goguryeo and Baekje ...
A period dating from approximately 57BC to 918AD, where the Korean peninsula was divided into three dynasties, Kokuryue, Shilla and Baekjae
Chosun / Joseon
Koreans use a variety of spellings, which among western readers can only cause confusion. Check what spelling the Wikipedia is using and use that one consistently.
(4) Il Sung Kim (your note 6)
Ridiculous. The world knows him as Kil Il Sung.
(5) You spend great effort on explaining 'Han', relying largely on two publications (Choi, Byun).
I wonder if your extensive coverage of the Three Kingdoms Period is necessary, or is a distraction, as I understand most of the movies you will discuss play in front of the background of the Joseon Dynasty.
I have the impression that you want to write your paper in the order the pages may be printed; ity might be better that you start with your primary sources, movie plots, and then spin the story around them, as in the end you may be tempted to revise the chapters you wrote so far. Just a concern of mine.
(6) On a positive note, I found no objectionable statements so far.

October 19th 2009 . go to YHW's Log

(1) You saved your image file as jpg (800,000 KB); I reduced it to 25 % and saved it as gif (24,000 KB).
(2) Films not sorted in chronological order.
(3) As your reader may neither be familiar with Korean language nor films, you may want to give movie plots.
(4) Otherwise - we now have a start. Little criticism I can express at this stage. I wish we would have started doing this earlier, now you are under great pressure to produce results in a short time.

September 22nd 2009 . go to YHW's Log

Converted the text into an image file.
(1) Is there any socio-historical literature on the position of women in Oriental society ? There must be some English language source you can quote. I recommend trying to find it, because it may provide you with translation terms tried by others.
(2) Sort the movies in chronological order.
(3) I recommend writing the names of Korean directors etc. in the Korean order, Park Nam Ok instead of Nam Ok Park. No need for cultural prostitution.

September 22nd 2009 . go to YHW's Log

The table of contents looks okay except for two matters :
(1) integrate your gratitude to the archive into your introduction, or rephrase it foreword; such matters are not listed in titles.
(2) the title : insider language.
Be aware of persons unfamiliar with Far Eastern, especially Korean culture, trying to read your paper. The key term of 'Han', even in parenthesis, does not do. Think of a subtitle explaining your key term in English.
Translation has limitations; where matters become interesting, you bump into the problem that a single, clearly defined term in one language requires a multi-word phrase or even paragraph in another. My thesis contained the term "Landesgemeinde". In Latin " universitas terrae, communitas terrae"; in English : community of the land (or similar), but even that term seems only to raise question marks.