How to Use Online Newspaper and Magazines as a Source

Kim, Hyun Kyu

            Newspapers and magazines are wonderful sources which is full of information. Luckily, there are quite of lots of different newspapers and magazines which allow you to get lots of information. Below, I have listed how to utilize the sources in the best way possible that I have learned. I hope many can benefit from this

I Newspaper Articles

I.1 New York Times
            One of the most famous newspapers, NYT offers the articles free from present back to 1987. However, except for that time period, you have to pay a certain amount of money. If you only want to use only one article, you can buy that for 3.95. 10 article packages cost 15.95 dollars per package. NYT offers articles from 1851.
Times Reader 1.0 used to provide archives service for free if you were a member. However, Times reader 2.0 no longer gives the archives service. However, Times has freed the articles 1851-1922 and 1981-present.
Best Buy- from 1851-1922, use if for free, if 1922-1981, buy 10 for 15.95 dollars

I.2 Times Online (London)
            This newspaper is from the United Kingdom. They offer a daily pass for 8.95 dollars, monthly pass for 24.95, and annual pass for 129.95 dollars. However, the index/searching for the articles is free. So what you can do it search BEFOREHAND. So look up the articles that you need beforehand and make a list. Then buy the daily pass and download all the things you need. The lesser time you repeat buying daily passes, the more money you will save. Also, about the first 3 or 4 times when you first click an article, you can view it for free.
Best Buy: Make a list, get a daily pass for 8.95 dollars, limitless download
Links to Times Online :

I.3 Korean Newspapers: the Chosunilbo (in Korean)
            From 13th waves and on, because of the works of Jun Bum Sun, our school might have free access to the archives of Chosunilbo through the school library. However, this is not for sure. 13th waves and on might need to pester the Librarian a bit more to get this.

            Best Buy: Pester the Librarian

II Magazines

II.1 Time (U.S.)
            Although this only offers viewpoints until the 1923, this is perhaps the only magazine which offers a point of view of the world in a text. This is completely free, so no need to worry about money.

            Best Buy: Ití»s free

II.2 Punch (London)
            This magazine is a humorous and satirical magazine. Although the text is sometimes hard to comprehend for high school students, the comics are relatively easier to understand. The Punch offers some samples at its website, and another site offers a low-resolution scale. Punch was published from 1841. Bonus points if you can understand British humor.

            Best Buy: Again, many volumes are freely available online. Check Online Books Page

III Other Sources of Interest
            There are other magazines which offer their archives without a fee, but most are

III.1 Peripheral and pertains only to US matters

            Harpers: from 1859 (US)
            The Atlantic Monthly: from 1857 (US)
            The Nation: from 1865 (US)

III.2 Too Modern

            The Newsweek: from 1993 (US)
            The Economist: from 1997 (English)
            The Guardian: from 1998 (English)

            These sites might still be useful if you have an interesting topic.

            You can't memorize history; that's why we write it down.

            Read it, and enjoy!

            Kim Hyun-Kyu P.S. February 14th 2009

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