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Chapters in IR Historiography

I.)           Mythology and History
(1)               The Transition from Mythology to History : Old Testament, Saxo Grammaticus, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Livy
(2)               Miracles in Historiography
(3)      Irish Guy          Dragons and Monsters in Historiography
(3a)                    Dragons in Oriental Mythology and Historiography
(3b)                    Dragons in Occidental Mythology and Historiography
(4)               The Deceased in History
(4a)      Hersheys               Posthumous Appointment to Gov. Positions in Korean History
(4b)                    The Beatification of Jeanne d'Arc in 1920
(5)      Ferrari          Barbarians, Skraelingar, Savages - "The Others" in Historiography
(5a)                    The Viking View of the World
(5b)      Pallas Athene               The Pre-Modern Chinese View of the World
(5c)      Cameriere               Herodotus' View of the World
II.)           The Historical Method
(6)               Herodotus and the Beginning of History
III.)           The Purpose of History
(7)               Hagiography
(7a)                    Kemal Atatürk in Turkish, Greek and Armenian Historiography
(8)               Character Assassination
(9)      Pallas Athene          History and Nationalism
(9a)                    The Holy Roman Empire in German, Belgian (Pirenne) and Czech Historiography
(9b)                    The Franks (pre 888) in French and German Historiography
(9c)                    A Historian Who Re-Created a Nation : Frantisek Palacky
(10)               History during the Era of Conflicting Ideologies
(10a)                    Recent Korean History as Described in Publications of the Korean Overseas Information Service
(10b)                    Chinese History as Described in Publications of the Peking/Beijing Foreign Language Press
(11)               The Legitimation of Wars
(11a)                    The Legitimation of Wars in Greek Antiquity : Herodotus, Thucydides, Polybius
(11b)      LJH                The Legitimation of U.S. Wars
(12)               The Legitimaqtion of New Dynasties / Rulers / Political Systems
(12a)      YES               The Explanation of Changes of Dynasties in Chinese Historiography
(13)               The Explanation of Disasters
IV.)           Types of Historical Texts
(14)               Sagas
(15)               Annals and Chronicles
(16)               Narrative versus Analytical History
(16a)                    References in the Old Testament
(16b)                    References in Herodotus' Histories
V.)           Basic Structures of History
(17)               Chronology
(18)               Historical Terminology : Major Eras
(18a)      New Boy               American Civil War from 1861 to 1865
(18b)      New Boy               World War I as described in the International Year Book
(19)               Historical Terminology : Historical Entities
VI.)           The History of Historiography
(20)               The Rediscovery of History in the Era of Romanticism
(21)      Irish Guy          Historical Monuments
(22)               Historical Musea
(23)               Archeology and History
(23a)                    The Change of Our Perception of Assyrian History over the Centuries
(23b)                    Viking Settlements West of Iceland
(23c)      Chef               The Impact of Heinrich Schliemann
(24)               The Inclusion of Economic History
(25)               The Inclusion of Social History
(26)               The Inclusion of the History of Arts, Sciences, of Ideas
(27)               The Inclusion of Environmental History
(28)      Ferrari          From National to Supranational History
(29)               His Story and Her Story
(30)               Dead White Men
VII.)           Historians - Professionals, Amateurs and Charlatans
(31)               Romanticised History : Military Historians, Reenactors
(31a)      YES               Society for Creative Anachronism
(32)               Often Overlooked by Historians : Genealogists
(33)               Harmless Amateurs : Wargamers
(34)               Politicians' Memoires - Biased Accounts of History
(34a)      Chef               Winston Churchill
(34b)                    T.E. Lawrence
(35)               Persons with an Agenda Distorting History
(35a)               Writers Ignoring the Facts
(35b)      Cameriere               Menzies - 1434
(35c)      Joohyung               Priory of Sion
VIII.)           Historians - Modern Perceptions of History
(36)               Ancient Greece and Rome - How we want to see it
(36a)                    The Difference the Excavation of Pompeii made
(36b)                    What Archaeologists Find and Do ot Publish
(37)               Hollywood / TV and History
(37a)      Miao               Caesar, Cleopatra, Octavian in the Movies
(38)               The Church and History
(39)               The School and History
VIII.)           Toward a Universal History
(40)      Hersheys          Sensitive Terminology
(41)      Miao          Decoding Political Cartoons. Political Cartoons of President Roosevelt's Court-packing Plan in 1937

This table of contents is subject to change.

Sources : Old Testament, Koran, Book of Mormon
Herodotus : Histories, Livy : History of Rome, Procopius : Secret History
Saxo Grammaticus, Heimskringla, Snorri Sturlusson : King Harald's Saga, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Froissart, Beda Venerabilis, Pigafetta, Las Casas
Edward Gibbon, Theodor Mommsen, Johan Huizinga, Arnold Hauser, W. Prescott
Winston Churchill, Milovan Djilas, T.E. Lawrence
Christopher Reed, Muqadimmah, Zlata's Diary, Baghdad Diaries, Civil War Notebook of Daniel Chisholm

Students can write papers related to the chapter topics listed above; paper topics need to be more specified.

         August 21st 2008          Alexander Ganse

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