Byzantines into Ottomans

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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December 6th 2009
December 5th 2009
December 22nd 2008
November 13th 2008
November 12th 2008
September 25th 2008
September 3rd 2008

December 6th 2009 .. Go to Students' Log

A chapter exclusively based on two Wikipedia articles is disappointing. My definition of research implies that you go beyond the easily available.

December 5th 2009 .. Go to Students' Log

(1) No notes, almost no references.
(2) This being the work of one semester, a bit thin.

December 22nd 2008 .. Go to Students' Log

(1) Spelling : Seljuq, Alp Arslan, Tatars, Genghis Khan (Wikipedia spelling); do you use Turkish-language sources or such translated from Turkish ?
(2) The Seljuk Turks were the first people to invade Anatolia completely.
Dangerous statement, because it does not allow for an exception. They may have been the first Turkic people to have done so, or the first to overrun Byzantine Anatolia, but I would not vouch for the latter either.
(3) The Caliph of Baghdad was so impressed with their strength and skill that he made their leader, Tugrul Bey his deputy and conferred on him the title of "King of East and West".
That reads like a sentence from Arabian Nights. His capital just had been taken by the Seljuqs, and his life was in their hands. Also I wonder if you grasp the title he conferred : Mashrik, the land of the east = Arab peninsula, Maghreb, the land of the west = modern Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia. Basically the title encompassed entire Dar-ul-Islam.
(4) The Seljuks played a major role in the Middle Ages in defending the Islamic world against the Crusaders, and conquering large parts of the Byzantine Empire.
Defending Islam against the crusaders - I would say, only if the crusaders marched through Seljuq-controlled Anatolia, in self-defense. I would need substantiation for your statement.
(5) chapter has no notes; when you write a chapter, always with notes.
(6) overall : reads like 19th century accounts of history, which emphasized narration over analysis, and which occasionally used prosaic phrases. But a good start.

November 13th 2008 .. Go to Students' Log

This table of contents makes sense. You plan to examine the social, political and military aspects; add the economic aspects. The decline of Byzantium is explained by overtaxation.
The conquest of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottomans does not begin in 1453, but in 1299 with the establishment of the Osmanoglu state. The cultural assimilation of part of the conquered population into the Muslimk Turkish culture of the conqueror minority begins long before the fall of the city of Constantinople; so the worries expressed in your email are unfounded.

November 12th 2008

Check Internet Archive on publications on Ottoman Empire. All titles listed there are online

September 25th 2008 .. Go to Students' Log

(1) Next time begin your bibliography with a category : bibliographies used.
(2) several entries incomplete. if online, give URL (entries 5, 6)
(3) entries 7-9 : sloppy references; complete
(4) entry 14, 16-18 - year of publication
(5) so far, your list looks reasonable. We have to see how these books do in terms of explaining the organization of the Ottoman state.
(6) library hs book on history of Istanbul, which you miss

September 3rd 2008

Key dates : Battle of Mantzikert (appearance of the Seljuks in Anatolia) 1071; Appearance of Ottomans (as a fragment of the disintegrated Seljuk state) 1299; 1354 Ottomans established foothold in Europe, 1453 Ottomans took Constantinople.
So your paper should focus on the period 1300 to 1500. Try answer the following questions :
(1) How did Ottoman policy differ from Seljuk policy ?
(2) The Rise of the Ottoman Empire - an Accident of History, or the Success of a Superior Political System ?

Procedure : study the history of the Balkans and Anatolia from 1300 to 1500. If you find books on the Byzantine Empire, concentrate on the later phase; if you find books on the Ottoman Empire, concentrate on the earlier phase. Always : when you find a book which has relevant information, put it in the reference list. Take notes; when you take notes write where (author, year, page) you find this specific piece of information. Your first postings should be a Working Reference List and a Working Table of Contents.