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World History at

Term Paper Topics 12th Waves 2008 April
(Due Date May 15)

         The Cold War
(1)      KSW      Society and Women in West and East, 1949-1989
(2)           Sports and Society in West and East, 1949-1989
(3)      OTH      German-German Relations 1949-1989
(4)      RHS      Tourism in Communist Societies
(5)      LYH      The Shopping Experience in Communist Societies
(6)      PHS      Espionage I : International Encounters
(7)      CBS      Spying on your own people
(8)      BSJ      The history of TV in east and west
(9)      KYW      The Americanization of (Western) Europe
(10)      Pillow      The Sovietization of Eastern Europe
(11)           The History of the Railroad in Europe since 1945
(12)      LSE      The Gorbachev Reforms
(13)      Dozy      The U.S. Impact on the Fall of Communism
(14)      KSJ      The Polish People's Republic under Military Rule
(15)      PYJ      Goulash Communism
(16)      LHK      Ostpolitik
(17)      HJE      The CSCE Conferences
(18)      YYJ      Soviet Nobel Prize Winners
(19)      LJH      Solidarnosc
(20)      LHR      John Paul II. and Communist Europe
(21)      SHW      Movies made in Eastern Europe
(22)      PHJ      History of the Soviet Nuclear Industry
(23)           Environmental History of the USSR
(24)      RSY      Europe and the Vietnam War
(25)           Environmental History of the GDR
(26)      Magyar      Czechoslovakia under the Concrete Heads
(27)      PJH      The Political Role Novelists played in Eastern Europe, 1969-1989
(28)      LSH      The Political Role of the Church in Eastern Europe, 1969-1989
(29)      New Boy      The Comecon Car Industry
(30)      CSY      History of the British Car Industry
(31)      Smurf      History of Coal Mining in Europe since 1945
(32)      JHY      Inflation in Europe since 1945
(33)      Honey      Political Refugees in Europe since 1945
(34)           Labour Migrants in Post-War Europe
(35)           Youth Subcultures in Post-War Europe : the West
(36)           Youth Subcultures in Post-War Europe : the West
(37)      JJH      The Nomenclatura
(38)           Dissent within Communist Societies
(39)      NDW      History of the Nuclear Industry in France
(40)      CJY      France and NATO

Papers should be the result of a process going through several stages : (1) the search for, compilation and selection of information, (2) the development of an original analysis. Encyclopedic sources, which students are likely to use, mostly do not contain a judgment.
Students are given 3-5 weeks for history assignments. If the final paper gives the impression of having been hammered together as a quickshot in one night, the authors should not expect a score over 90 points; analytical judgment depends on the digestion of the information collected.

First claim, by email or verbal, gets the topic; every topic only once.

         Mar. 5th 2008          Alexander Ganse

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