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Term Paper Topics 12th Waves 2008 February
(Due Date March 15)

         European Russia, Regional History
(1)           History of the Central and Lower Volga Valley
(2)           History of the Urals
(3)           History of Russia's North
(4)           History of Russia's Black Soil Country
(5)           History of Northern Caucasia
(6)           History of the Neva and Volkhov Valley
(7)           History of the Central and Lower Volga Valley

         Spain, Regional History
(8)      KGB      History of Andalucia
(9)      PYJ      History of Galicia
(10)      CJY      History of Asturias
(11)      RHS      History of the Basque Country
(12)           History of the Balearic Isles

         Italy, Regional History
(13)      JYJ      History of the Romagna
(14)           History of Sardinia
(15)      LJH      History of Corsica
(16)           History of Friuli
(17)           History of Alto Adige
(18)           History of Apulia

         Scandinavia, Regional History
(19)      LSE      History of Scania (Skåne)
(20)           History of the Land of the Sami (Lappland)
(21)           History of Karelia

         Ecclesiastic History
(22)      LHR      Ecclesiastic History of Core Russia
(23)      LSH (Mafia)      Ecclesiastic History of Ireland
(24)      KSJ      Ecclesiastic History of Ukraine
(25)      KYK (Pillow)      Ecclesiastic History of Belgium
(26)      SBS      Ecclesiastic History of the Czech Republic

         Administrative History
(27)      KYW      Administrative History of Switzerland
(28)      KSW      Administrative History of Hungary
(29)      LYH      Administrative History of former Yugoslavia
(30)           Administrative History of Ukraine
(31)      KSI      Administrative History of Romania
(32)      HJE      Administrative History of France
(33)      LSH      Administrative History of the Netherlands

         Demographic History
(34)      CSJ      Demographic History of Ireland
(35)      PHS      Russia as Immigration Country
(36)           History of the Russian Pale
(37)      CHR      Demographic History of France
(38)      Tumulus (09)      Demographic History of Italy
(39)      CSY      Demographic History of Germany
(40)           Demographic History of Sweden
(41)           History of the Gypsy Population on the Balkans Peninsula
(42)      YHW      History of the Gypsy Population on the Iberian Peninsula
(43)      CNJ      Demographic History of Greece
(44)           Demographic History of Ukraine
(45)      YYJ      The History of Urbanization in Russia
(46)      CJH      The History of Urbanization in France
(47)      PYS      The History of Urbanization in Italy
(48)           The History of Urbanization in Poland
(49)      NDW      The History of Urbanization on the Iberian Peninsula

         European Economic History
(50)      KHK      History of the Mining Industry
(5I)      PKR      History of Ports as Centers of Trade
(52)      KYK (Youngconomics)      History of Bourses and Stock Markets
(53)      OTH      History of Banks
(54)      CHY      History of National Banks

The main task of essays this month is Periodization; students are to establish criteria according to which they subdivide the period examined into eras. The criteria may be of political, economic, ecclesiastic, military nature.
For some topics, sources may not set in prior to 1200 A.D., in case of others they may begin as far back as 500 B.C.; students may start their papers as far back as they want, but have to cover the history of their topic until today, with the emphasis on the time since 1500.

Expected paper length 8-12 pages single space, in line with the papers written in fall semester. The length of the period covered may force students to generalize, with focus on the topic.
In a number of cases, countries are listed in topics which existed only for a short time (Yugoslavia), gained separate identity as a state only recently (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belgium) only recently or do not even have such a separate identity as a state (Sardinia, the Middle and Lower Volga Valley etc.), or as states, have undergone large scale changes (Hungary, Germany etc.).
In such cases, students are expected to define the territory of their research and trace the history of that territory back into earlier phases of history, or further beyond the time the state ceased to exist.
Students should consider if differentiation of the geographic unit in question into regions is advisable.

Students are encouraged to write their papers in two steps; in a first step they try to get an overview, establish a reference list, a list of keywords, and with this information, approach their teacher for comment. The teacher will not comment on periodization, just on keywords and sources.
In a second phase the students will write the essays in question.

The emphasis in the grading process will be on : how plausible is the periodization decided upon by the individual student ? Were any major changes omitted ?
Did the student use sources going beyond the level of encyclopedic sources ? Did he miss essential, easily accessible English language sources ? Students are not expected to bring in sources from outside KMLA / from the internet requiring payment. The usage of other libraries & sources is not discouraged, either.
How differentiated is the account ? Does the paper by-and-large properly reflect the area discussed, or does he/she omit significant elements of population etc. ?
In the geographical definition of the research area the student came up with plausible ?

Every topic only once; first email gets the topic. Use the email address given below.

         Dec. 29th 2007          Alexander Ganse

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