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Seminar History of Historiography Presentation & Paper Topics
13th Waves 2009 Sept

Definition : Historiography, Category : Historiography, from Wikipedia

List of Topics
I.)           A Typology of Historical Writing
II.)           History as a Tool in the Political Discourse
III.)           History as a Form of Entertainment
IV.)      Pope      The Emancipation of History : Decolonization
V.)           The Emancipation of History : Breaking Religious Shackles
VI.)           The Emancipation of History : Defeudalization
VII.)           History - Appealing to Reason or Emotion ?
VIII.)           The Tools of the Historian
IX.)           History in the New Media
X.)           The Focus of Military History
XI.)      Yakuza      The Focus of Economic History
XII.)           The Focus of Political History
XIII.)           The Focus of National History
XIV.)           Is History a Science ?
XV.)           Biased History - Official History by a Communist State
XVI.)           Biased History by Extremists - History by Neofascist Organizations
XVII.)           Biased History by Extremists - History by Anti-Papal Organizations

Focus - also what is NOT in the focus

These are general topics and require further specification. So it is possible for several students wanting to choose the same general topic - they just have to come up with different specifications.

Every participant of the seminar will give TWO presentations and write a paper on ONE of them; due date the first day of the final term tests.

Here the posted papers from Spring 2009 Seminar History of Historiography :

Hersheys      Posthumous Appointment to Gov. Positions in Korean History
New Boy      American Civil War from 1861 to 1865
Miao Girl      Decoding Political Cartoons. Political Cartoons of President Roosevelt's Court-packing Plan in 1937

Past Research Papers on Historiography :

Ryu, Hye Jin      Nationalism and High School History Instruction : A Comparison of History Books from China, Korea and Japan      (prospective graduate of 2010)
Koo, Hyemin      Evolution of Film Propaganda Throughout World War II. How was the cinema regulated and/or freely used to affect the people's attitudes toward the war ?      (graduated in 2007)
Hong, Sang Bin      How Ideology Influenced History Textbooks in Nazi Germany and in the German Democratic Republic      (graduated in 2006)
Hong, Ja Bin      J.G.A. Galletti's Lehrbuch für den Schulunterricht in der Geschichtskunde - a German history school textbook printed in 1810      (graduated in 2006)
Han, Yuna      An Inside Perspective. Cinematic Representation of the Soviet Society during the Thaw      (graduated in 2006)

IMPORTANT HANDBOOK : D.R. Woolf (ed.), A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing, 2 vols., NY : Garland 1998 [G]

Book Titles on Historiography I stumbled over while Browsing
Choueiri, Yousse, Modern Arab Historiography
Heelink, Roebfy, Dutch Authors on Asian History (VOC)
New Perspectives and Research on Malaysian History. Essays on Malaysian Historiography
Hsieh, Winston, Chinese Historiography on the Revolution of 1911
Fogel, Joshua, The Nanjing Massacre in History and Historiography
Dirlik, Arif, Revolution and History, Origin of Marxist Historiography in China 1919-1937
Chen, Ming K., Historiography of the Chinese Labor Movement
van Meurs, Wim P., The Bessarabian Question in Communist Historiography
Majumdar, R C, Historiography of Modern India
Muhammad Aslam Syed, Muslim Response to the West, Muslim Historiography in India 1857-1914
Dua, J C, British Historiography of Eighteenth Century Punjab
Devahuti, Bias in Indian Historiography
Mishtra, Historians and Historiography in Orissa
Singh, Nazer, Delhi and Punjab, Essays in History and Historiography
Ebiegberi, Joe Alagpa, The Practice of History in Africa
UNESCO, The Historiography of Southern Africa, Proceedings ..
Chanaiwa, David, The Zimbabwe Controversy, A Case of Colonial Historiography

Websites posting historiographic accounts from abstruse perspectives (use with care; I explicitly distance myself from the contents of these !)
Arctic Beacon Library of Rare Books and Documents, posted by Greg Anthony Szymanski March of the Titans, a History of the White Race, posted by Ostara Publications
History of the White Race, from Stormfront
Gavin Menzies, How China Changed the World
Another look at the pyramid of Giza
Limited Tehuantepec Theory of Book of Mormon Anthropology
Stephen Dafoe's A History and Mythos of the Knights Templar
Roman Catholicism
Asian Maritime & Trade Chronology to 1700, from Maritime Asia
and there is much more of the kind out there !

         November 13th 2010          Alexander Ganse

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