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Analysis of British and German Newsreel Coverage of Korea

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Research Paper, Fall 2010 (in progress)

Appendix : Wochenschau and British Pathe Newsreels (as of Sept. 9th 2010) . . . go to Teacher's comment

List of relevant Wochenschau Newsreels

Number Year Comment
WS 1 1945 Aerial view of Korea. American troops marched into the capital Kyongsong. Gossip-end population. In front of a house a banner KOREA WELCOMES ALLIED FORCES and posters on walls of houses. Japanese flag flies on Government buildings. In government buildings, the signing of the capitulation / surrender takes place. The Japanese flag goes down on the mast.Waving American flag on the mast.
WS 2 1946 Koreans celebrate independence from Japan. Koreans welcome US general.
WS 3 1948
WS 4 1950 1945-1949: Korea becomes independent, divided into North and South. President Syngman Rhee. South Democracy, North Communist. UN. NK invade South Korea, US and UN attacks back. Truman!
WS 5 1950 War in Korea, Churchill speaks about it. US: determined to preserve freedom of SK. US prepares for war;
WS 6 1950 June 25, NK marches in to SK;
WS 7 War in Korea. U.S. troops marching on main roads and SUVs. Koreans on cars. Tanks.Heavy artillery fire. Digging of trenches. Soldier looks through binoculars. Browse by prisoners.Armbands UN Nations;
WS 8 1950 Troops will be shipped to Korea. Tanks. Lieutenant General and Major General WALKER DEAN, commanders of the Land Forces, medium shot. Soldiers in combat at the front. Gunfire.The wounded on stretchers. U.S. pilots. Aircraft take off from aircraft carriers. U.S. troop transport. Troops on board. Women waving at the shore. Waving the UN flag.;
WS 9 1950 Mobilization of the U.S. fleet. Aircraft carrier. Volunteers sign up. Investigation of volunteers and draftees. JOHNSON before the UN flag. McARTHUR, commander of UN troops receive UN flag. U.S.;
WS 10 1950 UN Security Council meets, Soviet Russia does not participate;
WS 11 1953 Koreans participate in the International Peace Race;
WS 12 1953 10. New York, returning from Korea - on board the troop transport GENERAL WEIGEL are returnees from Korea. Soldiers show their badges on the uniform sleeve that show different regiments. Soldiers waved. Fire Boat sprayed water at the reception. The soldiers leave the ship. Scenes of the joy of reunion. Welcome and embrace of women. Baby will be welcomed and made to arm.;
WS 13 1953 13. 2. Signing of the Armistice Agreement in Korea - in the two negotiating parties Panmunjon go through a lane saluting guards of honor. General Harrison as the chief negotiator of the UN delegation. The Communist-General Nam IL. Signature and without a word separation. Jet plane landing on aircraft carrier flight and the last enemy is severely damaged, men release the pilot from the aircraft cockpit.;
WS 14 1953 14. 5. Swiss Mission of Korea - Korea map is spread out. Teachers to teach men in the Korean language. Oriental characters on board. International passports are issued. Men receive bare-chested syringe. Bags are packed. Revolver is stowed. The men go to the aircraft.;
WS 15 1953 6. Bomb explosion on American aircraft carriers (cameraman lost his life) - Approach of fighter-bombers and land on aircraft carriers. When landing dissolves bomb wing and flew over the deck. Bomb detonation;
WS 16 1953 6. San Francisco: Homecoming General van Fleet from Korea - Fire Department Boats in the harbor to welcome arrival of troop transports from Korea. General Van Fleet, former commander of UN forces in Korea, and women leave the ship and are welcomed. Festive parade. People clap at the roadside. Van FLEET sword with honor.;
WS 17 1953 Various newspaper headlines : Armistice in Korea. Since Monday, lay down their arms in Korea. Joy of ceasefire in Korea. Otto Grotewohl congratulated Kim Ir Sen (Kim Il-Sung) Korea celebrates its ceasefire. Scenes of Korea (various settings).
WS 18 1954 18. Published in 1954, 1954: 5. Korea rally in Seoul against the withdrawal of U.S. troops - students running through the streets of Seoul. Parade of banners. Fear of conflict with North Korea without U.S. military protection.;
WS 19 1954 6. Seoul: Swearing-in of Members of Parliament - mass inertia before the Parliament building. Enthusiastic Koreans storm gates to attend parliament session. Mounted police push people back. Swearing in of the deputies in the Parliament Building (public protest against Lee Seung-man¡¯s political corruption);
WS 20 1954 Protest march by opposition MPs through the streets of Seoul. Brawl. Police on horseback scatter demonstrators.;
WS 21 1957 Presence of a Korean ballet and orchestral ensembles in Czechoslovakia. Artist leads to dancing, musicians playing instruments.
WS 22 1958 Pyongyang / North Korea. Kim Ir Sen, Prime Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), will participate in the adoption of a group of Chinese Volksfreiwilliger, the decision to return to their government in their homeland. Kim Ir Sen dancing, surrounded by military personnel and participants from the population, with female flowers waving Chinese military personnel, Kim Ir Sen Chinese soldiers shook hands, Chinese military with Korean children (several times), starting from soldiers on a military truck with an attached artillery, surrounded by waving Koreans (total); Chinese officers on the shoulders of Korean soldiers, waving and accompanying Koreans on a passenger train (total). (North Korea (what is ¡°nimmt an der Verabschiedung einer Gruppe chinesischer Volksfreiwilliger teil, die auf Beschluss ihrer Regierung in die Heimat zurückkehren.¡±? This is the key sentence, but the google translator fails to translate this.)
WS 23 1966 Korean participation in Vietnam war

List of relevant British Pathe Newsreels

BP 1 1923 Images from Seoul of young people doing regimented athletic exercises. The caption says that Korea is sometimes called ¡°Asia¡¯s Hermit Kingdom¡± (1/4, *PM0294*)

BP 2 1928 People walk the "Pilgrims Way" to a shrine high in the mountains. Buddhist monks make pilgrimages to the Shrine of Myckissko. (2/20, *PM0756*, Was item in Pathe Pictorial issue 516.)

BP 3 1932 Marriage in Korea. A man climbs out of the sedan chair after it has been placed on the ground and goes into the house. "Then you have a drink of tea with her..." M/S of man preparing tea and handing cup to a woman in Korean traditional dress. "...and because there's no divorce in Korea, the Bride stays put!" C/U of the bride and groom - they look miserable ! They bow to the camera - the man then smiles. The bride has two spots on her cheeks - some kind of traditional make-up. a parade moving towards the camera. Various items are being carried including a sedan chair. "The latest model Sedan (Period about .1) arrives at the Bride's house.¡± (11/3, *PM0968*, Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 596.).
BP 4 1932 While explaining history of playing cards, cards from Korea shown ? This shows that Korea was known to some degree in Britain (9/15, *PM1596*)

BP 5 1933 Beautiful cliff formation Korean life: industrialized country, but some people fish to make living. Korea is mountainous country. Diamond mountains (12/21, *PM1620*)
BP 6 1933 Full title reads: "'The Old Japan' comes to life for a day in annual 1750 year old 'Shirahama Shrine' Festival." Top views of large parade of Japanese men. They are carrying two large pallicins (sp?) (they look like ornate Sedan Chairs). The two wooden pallicins are smashed together and one breaks up - the fight is meant to symbolise Japan's defeat of Korea many centuries before. (12/4, *PM0739*); (Irrelevant)

BP 7 1940 Korean repatriation. Koreans coming back to Korea. Women and children with their belongings (no date [it just says, 1940-1949], *PM2175*)

BP 8 1946 Korea becomes independent from Japan. Japanese evacuate to Japan (no date, *PM2309*, Information found in the old record - Cuts 46/03.)
BP 9 1946 Korea becomes independent from Japan, all Japanese nationals leave. Narrator comments, "Everybody gets a once-over with louse-killer - you'd expect some of them to drop dead but they don't". Various shots of Japanese men, women and children getting on board ship (1/10, *PM1372*)

BP 10 1947 Korea. Nationalist forces clash with Korean Communist elements on the 1st anniversary of the country's declaration of independence. (no date, *PM1512*)
BP 11 1947 US Secretary of State, George Marshall, speaks at the UNO session on September 17th 1947. He speaks about US relations with Russia, the Korean Question and Palestine (no date, *PM2170*, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations unclear / unknown.)
BP 12 1947 Korean Communists clash with Nationalist forces on the streets of Seoul. (4/21, *PM1181*)

BP 13 1948 Korea Independence ceremony, Korean Republic born (no date, *PM2465*)
BP 14 1948 Korean teachers demonstrate against teaching of Japanese in school. More than 1000 arrested. Thought to be communist inspired. Seriously hindering MacArthur¡¯s plan of reconstruction. (5/13, *PM1428*);
BP 15 1948 GENERAL MACARTHUR WELCOMES KOREAN PRESIDENT IN TOKYO. Tokyo, Japan. General Douglas MacArthur, Allied Supreme Commander in the Pacific Area & First President of Korean Republic, Dr Syngman Rhee - General MacArthur receives President of Korea in Tokyo. Scene on the airfield, arrival of the Korean President. Back view, General MacArthur taking salute. General MacArthur taking salute, President Rhee by his side (no date, *PM2234*, American voiceover.)
BP 16 1948 General Mark Clark, United Nations Commander in Korea visit San Francisco (no date, PM2469, Warner Pathe newsreel story with an American commentary)
BP 17 1948 17. Sir Laurence Olivier receives awards from Japanese 'Movie Times' for best film 1948, receives the following gifts: an ornate tray, a replica of the Lion of Korea and a hand-painted fan (no date, PM2270, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.)

BP 18 1949 (Irrelevant material) 3rd Anniversary of New Italian Republic. General Mark Clark, United Nations Commander in Korea with military attaches. (6/20, PM1415)
BP 19 1949 (Irrelevant material) 3rd Anniversary of New Italian Republic. General Mark Clark, United Nations Commander in Korea with military attaches. (no date, PM1530, Italian voiceovered newsreel material.)
BP 20 1949 World Peace Congress. Korean delegates present. (no date, PM2475)

BP 21 1950
BP 22 1950 (Korean War Scene) Details of fighting: Troops shooting guns and mortals, marching, Korean women providing water, etc.(8/7, *PM1480*) ;
BP 23 1950 General Van Fleet (commander-in-chief 8th army in Korea) visits Korean Front, Korea (during Korean War). (no date, PM2569, Unissued / unused material. 1951?)
BP 24 1950 24. Ike talks about American Foreign Policy and developing the Republic of Korea in Congress (no date, PM2642, Unissued / unused material. 1953?, American newsreel item.)
BP 25 1950 Korean men conscripted, the process of conscription similar to that of US (no date, PM2642, Unissued / unused material.)
BP 26 1950 GI¡¯s on train. GI¡¯s carrying bazooka. Wounded Koreans. Tanks moving and firing. (8/3, PM1480)
BP 27 1950 Commander-in-chief of American army, Lieutenant General Matthew B. Ridgway, visiting his old command in Korea. (no date, PM2648, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 28 1950 United Nations Organisation feeds the hungry of Seoul, South Korea. (no date, PM2642, Unissued / unused material.)
BP 29 1950 Posthumous letter received by wife of dead soldier, Private John McCormick, Collingdale, Pennsylvania. Aerial shot rugged landscape in Korea. American troops resting by road. soldiers moving through long grass. GIs carrying wounded comrade along road. (no date, PM2314, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 30 1950 30. Intertitle reads: "This story is dedicated to 77 Fighter Squadron RAAF [a Royal Austrailian Air Force fighter squadron] which was the first United Nations unit to go into action alongside the Americans in their gallant struggle to stem North Korean aggression". Scenes of pilots and planes. (no date, PM2316, Australian newsreel item about Korean War.)
BP 31 1950 31. Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin addresses the United Nations Organisation (UNO) General Assembly at Lake Success, New York, United States of America (USA). Bevin refers to Korean war, and says that afterwards there must not be North Koreans and South Koreans but just Korean. He talks about the difficulties of getting USSR to agree to atomic and arms inspection, he says that as long the Soviets shuts their doors no confidence can be expected. Bevin also refers to the UNO having not only Governments but the people behind it. (no date, PM2316, Unissued / unused material.)
BP 32 1950 Valour medals for Marines in Korea. (no date, PM2314, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item)
BP 33 1950 33. Hospital ship brings wounded soldiers home from Korea (Korean War), Tacoma, Washington, United States of America (USA). (no date, PM2316, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 34 1950 British cabinet minister and UN delegate Kenneth Younger speaks to United Nations Organisation (UNO), Lake Success, New York, United States of America (USA). Younger speaks about the resolution being passed calling for a commission on the Korean war, names the members and proposes Thailand be added (natural sound). (no date, PM2316, Unissued / unused material.)
BP 35 1950 Crew of B-29 lined up on airfield being briefed while mechanics service plane in background. Load of bombs leaving plane. Buildings receiving hit from bomb. Transport on road being strafed. Ship on Naktong river being hit. Aerial, smoke rising from burning target. (8/23, PM2310)
BP 36 1950 Full title reads: "At The Front". Navy fighters in flight. Strafing and bombs bursting. troops marching through South Korean town. Townsfolk stand and watch. UN observers looking over captured Communists. Railway with smoke rising from side. Gun firing. Soldier looking through binoculars. Soldier shifting shells. Guns and mortars fired. Countryside obscured by smoke. Smoking shed. Vehicle blazing in road. Burning tanks. Smoke rising from hillside. (7/27, PM1478)
BP 37 1950 Title: At the Front in North Korea. gathering of tanks in valley. blazing street and buildings in Kojo. Marines moving up blazing street. Marine passing blazing building. Aerial bombardment shots(written in the summary but not actually present in the clip). (no date, PM2533, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.)
BP 38 1950 Clement Attlee speaks at Labour Party rally. Taunton, Somerset. Attlee making speech paying tribute to Ernest Bevin, and talking about United Nations Organisation, Korea and Communism. (no date, PM2312, Unissued / Unused material. )
BP 39 1950 39. Attlee to see Truman - Crisis develops as UN Forces retreat in Korea. United Organisation consider China, Lake Success in the United States of America. Warren Austin addressing Conference saying: "Can the representative tell us how many Chinese Communists troops have entered Korea and are there now" "Does the representative still maintain that these forces are composed of mainly volunteers." "The U.N. have made it clear that once order has been restored all forces will be with- drawn from Korea." "Will the authorities at Peking head this judgement of the U.N. or will they defy the U.N." "Will there be peace or war in the Far East." Korea scene: Party of soldiers around Korean boy, beating clothes with stick (washing). Korean children skating on frozen pond. Korean children chatting to British M.P. as transport passes. Korean children and M.O. (12/4, PM1504)
BP 40 1950 40. Australia. Hands holding newspaper with headlines 'Recruits for Korea Sought'. Newspaper placard reads 'Army Overhaul Thousands for Battle Units'. (8/18, PM2310)
BP 41 1950 Ingleburn, Australia. Mr Francis, Australian Army Minister, inspecting the Australian troops for Korea. (9/6, PM2310)
BP 42 1950 42. Australians for Korea. Australians in training in Japan. (Shooting bazookas, flamethrowers) Invasion fleet off Inchon. General MacArthur (Commander-in-Chief) stepping ashore and greeting U.S. troops. Burning Russian tank being examined by Americans. (9/28, PM1488)
BP 43 1950 Volunteers from Belgium and Luxembourg leave for Korea. Antwerp, Belgium. Troops embarking on and waving from ship. (no date, PM2537, Unissued / Unused material)
BP 44 1950 Korean naval material - British and American material. American destroyer alongside the USS 'Rochester' - an oiler. ( no date, PM2312, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 45 1950 Title: British help to hold Taegu. British troops encamped outside Taegu, having last hot meal before going into line. American tank climbing dirt ramp. Tank on ramp firing. Artillery firing. Big gun firing. Mortar team in action. Smoking house in village. Infantrymen advancing with flame-thrower. Tank using flame-thrower on house. refugees moving along road. Refugee man and bent woman walking along road. Male refugees being assisted into jeep.G.I. handing mess tins to five-year-old South Korean mascot (a little boy in helmet). Mascot holding mess tins, walks forward to counter for food. Korean mascot saluting. (9/18, PM1488)
BP 46 1950 HMS Unicorn coming alongside. People in foreground waving and cheering. Young Korean girls waving flags. Doctor Anup Singh and Commission mount platform to pledge complete victory by United Nations. South Korean youth volunteers marching through street. mass of girls in youth parade. Woman commander shouting orders. One of the woman carrying baby on back. MS South Korean troops marching. British troops in hangar of aircraft carrier. South Korean troops and U.S. officers at training school. (9/7, PM1486)
BP 47 1950 British troops over the 38th Parallel. North of Seoul, Korea. trenches showing dead bodies of North Koreans. Pretty gruesome stuff - they seem to be decomposing. Koreans in white, walking around and looking at bodies. Most hold their hands over their noses, probably from the stench of the rotting bodies. North Korean prisoners, including women. Korean with arm in sling. British officers interrogating Koreans. Korean children. (no date, PM2318, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unknown / unclear.)
BP 48 1950 Canadian Brigade for Korea - Montreal, Canada. Troops marching along street. saluting platform with Canadian Defence Minister Brooke Claxton and Mayor Camilien Houde taking salute as troops, tanks and guns pass. Flags are marched past. (no date, PM2529, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown.)
BP 49 1950 Troops surrounding a huge marquee being used as a church. SCU. Spellman talking to Congregation. Men kneeling in crowd. SCU. Men kissing Spellman's hand. (date says:1950 - 1959, PM2650)
BP 50 1950 Title - 'World News. Wu flies home, still blaming US for Korea'. New York, United States of America (USA). (no date, PM2537, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 51 1950 Title sequence for Christmas 1950. Intertitle - 'Korea'. Gun crew in snow. Soldier cleaning shells. Soldiers grouped round fire. Soldiers drinking. (no date, PM2539, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 52 1950 Commandos for Korea. Plymouth, Devon. (8/28, PM1486)
BP 53 1950 Complaint of aggression on Korea. Lake Success. Warren Austin lifting up his sub machine gun exhibit (he calls it "PPSH-41, which originates from Soviet Union ( .Jacob Malik listening. Shots of the exhibits being passed round. Malik walking out of the assembly. exhibits being passed over empty Russian seat. (no date, PM2527, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.)
BP 54 1950 Complaint of aggression upon the Republic of Korea at UNO (United Nations Organisation) meeting, Lake Success, United States of America. Delegates from the US, Russia, China, Greek, and others. (no date, PM2318, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unknown / unclear.)
BP 55 1950 Men and women volunteering to serve in army. US Army Cadets undergoing basic infantry training crawling into trenches etc. while under fire. Men volunteering for service in Canada. Korea, refugees along roadside. Mountainous country showing shells bursting. Refugee - possessions on back. Marines Ambushed by North Koreans. US fighters attacking ground targets. American Superfort bombers on raid. (8/21, PM1484)
BP 56 1950 56. Devastation and fighting in Pyongyang, Korea. Korean street scenes. damaged train, railway, and station, warehouses and rolling stock. Army vehicles passing through town. British troops entering house in hunt for snipers. sniper being brought out of house. Sherman tanks going along road. Koreans waving to troops. British troops firing gun. cross with helmet on top denotes grave of an American airman, his crashed aircraft lies scattered around. (no date, PM2529, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown.) (Though the description says there is a scene where British troops fire gun, they only aim at somewhere without firing)
BP 57 1950 Full title reads: "Korea. Dulles reports To President". American officials, both political and military, prepare for the Korean War to hot up. American army and Korean officers in slit trench examining maps. Korean countryside. Refugees evacuated to Japan. American soldier casualty on stretcher. (7/10, PM1476)
BP 58 1950 White House. Eisenhower gives thanks that an armistice has been signed with Korea, bringing to an end the fighting between UN forces and the Communist army. (no date, PM2494) (Wrongly categorized as 1950 when the contents of the speech is about the armistice, which took place in 1953, and Eisenhower is the president (he has been president since 1953))
BP 59 1950 Title reads 'First Dead Come Home from Korea'. Draped coffins of a lieutenant and a sergeant of American Army who died in Korean conflict, being hoisted from hold of ship in San Francisco. In Korea, mass of Korean refugees moving through countryside carrying their belongings with them. Crowded (7/29, PM2308)
BP 60 1950 South Korean marching, receiving supply from US. American refugees in Korea evacuate to Korea. Strecher cases disembarking. American troops resting in a building at Taejon, Korea. Wounded man receiving injection from doctor. Wounded man being carried. (7/10, PM2306)
BP 61 1950 Full title reads: "First Pictures From Taejon". American soldiers fixing up 75mm. recoil-less rifle pan to GV battlefront. Big gun 155mm. firing. Two GIs lifting up shell for reloading. Soldier firing bazooka. Street of Taejon. Refugees congregating in street. Aged woman being helped through crowd. Two refugee children. Communist spy with hands up. stretcher bearers carrying dead body to grave. (7/20, PM1478)
BP 62 1950 Title reads 'Our First Wounded Home from Korea'. A man wounded in Korea being carried on stretcher from plane to ambulance. Another wounded man being taken to ambulance. (7/31, PM2308)
BP 63 1950 French volunteers for Korea at Marseilles, France. One soldier hugs and kisses his mother goodbye. Troops wave to their relatives from the ship. 'Athos II' starts to move out of harbour. (no date, PM2318, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unknown / unclear.)
BP 64 1950 Funeral of Al Jolson. Jolson on his recent trip to entertain troops in Korea. He runs out into a hospital (?) garden or courtyard, talks into microphone and sings for those gathered with piano accompaniment (mute). (no date, PM2529, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown, American newsreel titles read: 'AL JOLSON - FINAL CURTAIN'.)
BP 65 1950 Bradley seated at desk speaking. "Fresh whole blood is now being flown from the United States to our combat forces in Korea. The need for it is growing greater every day." CU Carton full of blood labelled 'Human Blood Korea' Bradley's voice over: 'The campaign of this vital substance..." Carton of blood being loaded onto 'plane Bradley's voice over: ".... is one phase" Carton of blood going into 'plane ' ".....of the battle which every able-bodied American can contribute, regardless of where he is or who he is." "It is up to all of us to help assure that the supply of whole blood..." Medical orderly shaking bottle of blood....." needed to save lives on the battlefield, of Korea shall never be curtailed." (9/25, PM1488)
BP 66 1950 GI survives red massacre. GI's marching through village. One man carrying wounded on back. Dead man. Dead man lying out of doorway. Tank moving into position. two medical orderlies carrying Roy Manring from hospital and placing him on ground outside. Manring lying on stretcher. Koreans lined up before him. He points to first two. Prisoner of war tag on prisoner's neck pan up to face. Manring pointing to Koreans. (8/31, PM1486)
BP 67 1950 Sir Gladwyn Jebb, British Representative to UNO, speaking at UNO Security Council meeting on Korea. Criticizing Soviet Union and North Korea. (no date, PM2308)
BP 68 1950 American soldiers marching towards Heartbreak Ridge. Hands loading belt into machine gun. CU. Officer giving order to fire. SV. Big guns firing. Soldier drops bomb into mortar. LV. Mortar firing SCU. Riflemen firing. Shells exploding on Heartbreak ridge. SV. Machine gunner in action SV. First aid tending wounded soldier. Tanks firing. (no date, PM2571, American commentary, transcript on file)
BP 69 1950 Royal naval Cruiser HMS Ceylon pulling alongside. Little girl presenting flowers to Scots officer, who steps back and salutes. Troops disembarking. (9/11, PM1484)
BP 70 1950 Inchon landings - first pictures. Sailor in gun turret. G.I. on board ship cleaning rifles. Gunner elevating Oerlikon gun. Battleship firing. Rocket ship firing. Smoke rising from beach. Amphibious vehicles moving in to shore. Rocket ship firing in background. (9/25, PM1488)
BP 71 1950 Aerial Pusan harbour. Troopship pulling alongside. Marines lining deck of troopship. Bandsmen playing Marines march. three standard bearers carrying US, United Nations (UN) and Korean ensigns. Aerial Veie of North Korean forces trying to cross river Naktong by boat. From aircraft rockets hitting vehicle on road. MV Rocket exploding on boat. LV Missiles exploding on vehicles. GV Rockets exploding by roadside. LV Rockets exploding on building. LV Rockets exploding by roadside. Big gun firing. LV Shell exploding on hillside. SV Tank firing. MV Mortar team in action. GV Smoke rising from hillside. SV Big gun firing. SV Shell exploding on hillside. (8/17, PM1484)
BP 72 1950 Battle front. Then soldiers celebrating Christmas. Scenes of battle front again, guns firing (date uncertain 1950-1959, PM2650, Cut story with American commentary.)
BP 73 1950 Full title reads: "Korea - Race Against Time". UNO assembly. Security Council. CU Conscientious objector to war being evicted. General Douglas MacArthur shaking hands with Brigadier General Church as he arrives at battlefield. Refugees carrying belongings. South Koreans questioning North Koreans. Wounded man on stretcher being disembarked from train. (7/17, PM1476)
BP 74 1950 Shots taken from the plane. Explosion on ground. (no date, PM2597)
BP 75 1950 75. Red capital of Korea - Pyongyang. L/S of tanks advancing - C/U tanks passing across screen. M/S burning red tank. M/S refugees walking along street. Marines first division paraded in cemetery pay tribute to fallen comrades near Inchon. Irrelevant material about New York and Berlin (11/2, PM1496)
BP 76 1950 Korea flood: Snow covered terrain. MS. G.Is carrying camp bed from flood waters. MS. G.Is shifting bivouac to higher ground MS. G.I. rolling drum of petrol through water. MS. G.Is carrying equipment through water. /B.29 bomber dropping bombs on Pyongyang marshalling yards. (no date, PM2571, American commentary, transcript of commentary on file)
BP 77 1950 Full title reads: "Korea Landing: First Pictures". Landing craft going ashore. SV Landing craft full of men. MV Large troop transport. (7/31, PM1480)
BP 78 1950 THE PINCERS CLOSE - BUILD UP OF SUPPLIES AT INCHON- BRITISH & U.S. TROOPS IN ACTION. - AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE AIR PICTURES - CAPTURE OF PRISONERS. - CROSSING HAN RIVER. Fleet marine Force, Pacific, Pointing out Red Star on crashed Yak aircraft. Red star on Yak wing. Wrecked nose of aircraft. countryside pan down to British troops sitting by Machine gun. Two South Korean soldiers cleaning rifles. Two South Koreans cleaning mortar. South Korean. Pan Mustangs lined up at Taegu airfield. Hand screwing on fuse of bomb. Guns firing. British mortar teams in action. Tanks by roadside. Tank firing. Air to Air two Mustangs in-flight. From aircraft diving in on town and firing rockets. From ground aircraft diving in firing rockets. Blazing town. Aircraft diving in firing rockets. Pan Americans holding Mobile bazooka. Medical orderly holding bottle of blood pan down to wounded soldier. Wounded soldier on stretcher. Helicopter landing at first Aid Post. Korean man holding blood transfusion bottle over wounded woman. Padre calming hysterical man. (10/2, PM1488)
BP 79 1950 Korea: First wounded home. RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire. Mobile freight hoist being loaded with wounded men from aircraft. /child being carried to ambulance. M/S of child in iron lung being lowered to ground. L/S of Chinese prisoners wearing special winter clothing being marched back. M/S prisoners being seated. Shots of prisoners seated. L/S of Chinese delegates alighting from plane. Shots of delegates being greeted . L/S of delegates walking along corridor to lounge of airport. M/S Mrs Kung Poo-Sung and Mrs Chou Yen seated in lounge. (11/27, PM1502)
BP 80 1950 Title reads - 'Evacuation at Hungnam'. Korea. rescue fleet lying off Hungnam. marines standing with bowed heads during funeral service for their colleagues. White House, Washington. Interior. President Harry Truman speaking after declaring a state of national emergency (natural sound). (no date, PM2537, Cataloguer's note: American commentary.)
BP 81 1950 Lorries with troops going in front. MV Troops in front line positions. SV Soldier firing rifle. LV Korean countryside. LV Superforts flying on bombing raid. SV Bombs falling. MV Explosion on ground. SV Bombs falling. MV Superforts in flight. CU soldier looking through glasses. MV Burning hillside. (7/3, PM1474)
BP 82 1950 Sir Gladwyn Jebb, British delegate speaking: 'The flagrant disregard of the North Korean authorities for the will of the United Nations is the one thing which has prevented and still prevents a peaceful settlement of this question. However great the attempts may be to assert the contrary on ideological and propaganda grounds the face is that the North Korean authorities attacked the republic of Korea and that the situation must be restored in accordance with the Charter. No other issue must be allowed to cloud this cardinal fact and that is why I sir shall continue to insist that the complaint of aggression against the republic of Korea be placed as the first substantive item on our agenda.' (6/10, PM1480)
BP 83 1950 Air shots of Korean countryside, Han river seen. Korean soldiers unloading American supplies from plane at airfield. Truck loaded with American supplies and ammunition driving off. Truck driving along road, people on roadside waving handkerchiefs. American fighter planes in air. Various shots of Norwegian liner Reinbolt arriving to Kyushi Island in Western Japan with first American refugees from Korea. People disembarking, mostly women and children, wounded on stretchers also taken from the ship. American women on shore, talking. Various shots of the American troops at Taejon, Korea, resting in camp, men sleeping on beds, chair and on floor. Various shots of the large crowd of South Koreans cheering and applauding as American troops on lorries move past them along road. US artillery in action on field. (no date, PM2310)
BP 84 1950 Title reads 'Malik's Month of Obstruction Ends at UN' American delegate Waren Austin continues to speak: "It is clear that the Soviet Government hoped Mr Malik could block the United Nations military effort to protect the Republic of Korea. Did he do so ? No, he totally failed. The Soviet representative tried to sew division among the members of the Council and to isolate the United States from its colleagues. That he failed to do. The Council was more firmly united on the fundamental issues the last day of Mr Malik's presidency than it was on the first day." (no date, PM2310)
BP 85 1950 ¡®Mopping Up' in Prongyang, Korea. firing rifles at pictures of Stalin and Kim 1L Sung. Shots of American soldiers chasing ducks. prisoners being brought in. Soldiers on jeep firing guns into tunnel where Communist troops who refused to surrender are trapped. Soldiers climb onto jeep and drive into tunnel. Soldiers staggering out of tunnel and coughing after being wounded by hand grenade thrown by Communists. soldier resting or recovering. Soldiers firing rifles during 'mopping up'; tank in foreground. Prisoners being brought in. Two children clinging to their dead mother by roadside - the mother was apparently killed by fleeing Communist troops. murdered woman. Soldiers picking up the crying children. General view of soldiers advancing. (no date, PM2318, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unknown / unclear.)
BP 86 1950 86. More British in Korea. Southampton in Hampshire and Seoul in South Korea. Soldier kneeling with rifle at ready in street on Seoul outskirts. Patrol walking along street. civilian being searched. wounded people. (10/5, PM1490)
BP 87 1950 Chinese Vote and complaint of aggression upon the Republic of Korea at UNO (United Nations Organisation) meeting, Lake Success, United States of America. (no date, PM2318, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unknown / unclear.)
BP 88 1950 Northolt Aerodrome, London. Lady Reading pan to Eleanor Roosevelt, who is descending steps from the plane. Elliott Roosevelt (son of late President Roosevelt) chatting with another man. Mrs. Roosevelt being interviewed about the situation in Korea. Mrs. Roosevelt commenting about the War in Korea. (7/3, PM1474)
BP 89 1950 President Harry Truman leaving Washington DC for interview with General MacArthur. Kimpo airfield in Korea. Scenes of soldiers writing home, reading letter, smoking, etc. Tanks crossing Han river via ferry. Soldiers in Seoul street. Tanks and soldiers firing. Back view stretcher bearers, carrying wounded man. (10/19, PM1492)
BP 90 1950 Turkish troops for Korea parading through Ankara before departure. (9/4, PM2310)
BP 91 1950 91. Polish demonstration against American action in Korea - Warsaw, Poland. banner reading 'Hands Off Korea' in Polish. C/Us of Polish people in the crowd listening to the speech. C/U of poster on wall. Crowd chanting. Klosiewicz speaking. M/S of people holding up banners; one is picture of Stalin. Shots of crowd chanting 'Stalin' (?) and slogans while applauding. (no date, PM2318, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unknown / unclear.)
BP 92 1950 UN Security Council: Sir Gladwyn Jebb speaking - he says: "Our aims in Korea and those of the United States are identical to give effect to the purposes of the United Nations, nothing more and nothing less. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to withdraw our soldiers and to see a really independent Korean Government functioning in Korea. Before the Peking Government makes any irrevocable decision, I would ask them to think many time. Passion is a bad counsellor; advice from interesting sources may be a worse counsellor still." (12/7, PM1504)
BP 93 1950 Clement Attlee speech: seeking by our action in Korea to assert the rule of law. Our forces are fighting alongside yours, and you may be certain that in fair of foul weather where the Stars and Stripes fly in Korea the British flag will fly beside them". (12/11, PM1508)
BP 94 1950 94. President Truman speaks to the United Nations on Korea. Lake Success. (no date, PM2533, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.)
BP 95 1950 Civilians flee the doomed city of Pyongyang in Korea (12/14, PM1508)
BP 96 1950 REVIEW OF THE YEAR 1950 RECORD B, All material should be found elsewhere in collection. Korea - North Korea attacks South Korea. "Communism on the march" says the narrator. UN forces - American troops rushed from Japan. British navy departs for Korea. America, Turkey and Australia send troops. General MacArthur seen. All out attack launched (no date, PM1510)
BP 97 1950 97. South Korean Infantry captures a vital point (Sniper Ridge) in their campaign against the North (date ranging from 1950 ~ 1959, PM2650, Cut story with American commentary.)
BP 98 1950 US POW in Korea receive good treatment from Chinese (Strange). Chinese are preparing a big attack. (12/11, PM1508)
BP 99 1950 SUMMING UP NO. 17 REEL 1: Korean People suffering from war. Dead bodies (no date, PM2947)
BP 100 1950 SUMMING UP NO. 17 REEL 2: NO Relevance to Korea (though included in search result) (no date, PM2947)
BP 101 1950 SUMMING UP NO. 18 REEL 1: NO Relevance to Korea (though included in search result) (no date, PM2947)
BP 102 1950 SUMMING UP NO. 18 REEL 2: Centurion tanks produced in England used in Korean war (no date, PM2949)
BP 103 1950 The battle for Pohang. Battle of supplies, Pohang and Pusan crucial. (9/4, PM1486)
BP 104 1950 The Queen attends remembrance service at Westminster Abbey, London. (11/13, PM1500)
BP 105 1950 Australian soldiers arrive in Korea to move up to the 38th parallel. (10/16, PM1492)
BP 106 1950 The latest from Korea. British and American soldiers from Chosin trap. Short of supply. Supply can reach only by air. Planes provide supply and fly out the wounded and dead. (12/18, PM1508)
BP 107 1950 American troops on the move in Korea. (8/10, PM1480)
BP 108 1950 5000 Turkish troops useful in Korea. Off the coast of N Korea, naval vessels bombard (10/23, PM1492)
BP 109 1950 Harry S Truman makes speech referring to North Korean attack and says free nations must be on their guard. Intercut with animated map illustrating Communist attack. (7/27, PM1478)
BP 110 1950 UN delegates debate over situation in Korea. American troops begin a counter attack in the Korean War. (8/14, PM1482)
BP 111 1950 US troops in Korea; British navy joins US at sea; fighter planes in Pacific, MacArthur in Tokyo. North Koreans captured (7/24, PM3421)
BP 112 1950 United Nations forces travel to Korea where their comrades are already fighting. (8/24, PM1484)
BP 113 1950 First US Marine reserves marching through the streets of Washington of their way to Korea. (no date, PM2308)
BP 114 1950 Item showing the US battleship 'Missouri' firing on east coast of north Korea. (no date, PM2551 Unissued / Unused material, American commentary.)
BP 115 1950 American forces come to a high state of readiness during the Korean War. (7/6, PM1474)
BP 116 1950 20 million South Koreans, many of them peasants, demonstrate for Communism (6/29, PM1474)

BP 117 1951 US discussing dispatch and withdrawal of army in Korea. Marshall speaking (nat. snd.) 'The withdrawal of foreign troops from Korea will naturally follow a satisfactory peace settlement. (around 7/1, PM2561, Unissued / Unused material, American voiceovered newsreel material.)
BP 118 1951 Ridgway speaking to camera (natural sound). He questions the Chinese Communists motives for continuing the fighting, he warns the Communists against trying to destroy the United Nations forces in Korea. (June, PM2525, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel.)
BP 119 1951 US infantry firing rifles. Army medics tending wounded soldier. Medics carrying wounded to helicopter and placing wounded onto helicopter. tanks moving along road. (July, PM2569, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 120 1951 Title reads: "The Air War in Korea". B26 light bomber making emergency landing, two of crew jump out and run. damaged plane. Air to air shot F51s in flight and firing rockets at targets. (July, PM2525, American newsreel item., Unissued / unused material.)
BP 121 1951 Memorial Service for British soldiers killed in Korean War (7/3, PM2567, Unissued / unused material.)
BP 122 1951 Title reads: "150,000 Red Prisoners In Korea Camp" Pusan POW camp. POW¡¯s are treated well, same ration as UN soliders + receive educations (5/1, PM2561, Unissued / Unused material, American voiceovered newsreel material.)
BP 123 1951 United Nations admits strafing of Kaesong, Korea. UN and Communist observers examining shrapnel at site of aerial attack. observers interviewing Korean civilian. Narrator explains a UN pilot who was off-course mistakenly attacked building. (no date, PM2567, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 124 1951 Title reads: "Stars off to Entertain GIs in Korea". Jack Benny and Errol Flynn. (July, PM2525, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 125 1951 General Matthew B. Ridgway of US army gives speech in Tokyo on 1st anniversary of Korean War, Japan. He questions the Chinese Communists motives for continuing the fighting, he warns the Communists against trying to destroy the United Nations forces in Korea. (June, PM2525, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel.)
BP 126 1951 11 year old child Kim Won Kyn held by communists as a spy, but realesed (no date, PM2573)
BP 127 1951 Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, reviewed Ethiopian troops ready to go to Korea. (5/24, PM1457)
BP 128 1951 Crew going aboard plane. Powerful loudspeaker, showing bullet holes. Chinese interpreter broadcasting from plane. (urging red Chinese troop to surrender). Safe conduct leaflets in plane. Leaflets being thrown overboard. (4/12, PM1431)
BP 129 1951 Full title reads: "Air War Steps Up In Korea". (air view) Mustang machine gunning a roadway. Rockets fired from plane and hitting buildings. Machine gunning and rockets hitting ground installations. Rockets being fired at buildings. (10/1, PM1477)
BP 130 1951 Battle for Wonju. Soldiers advancing. Soldiers firing from behind jeep, soldier in foreground lying in ditch. Medical orderly attending to wounded man. South Korean refugees in truck. F-86 aircraft. Soviet MIG in flight. MIG being hit, spins towards earth. MIG going down in flames. LMIG plunging downwards, with smoke pouring from tail. (1/22, PM1435)
BP 131 1951 Kaesong, Korea. Korean War Cease fire talks continue and two Commonwealth reporters back the Communists. Communists troops and UN reporters talking. SV Communist woman soldier looking unimpressed. Communist Australian reporter and British reporter and 'Daily Worker' Correspondent Michael Shapiro talk to other journalists about the Chinese position. (8/6, PM1469)
BP 132 1951 A Leopard Skin sent home by a GI from the Korean War turns out to be a Korean National Treasure. (8/13, PM1467)
BP 133 1951 Full title reads: "Drama At Kaesong" Armed Communist troops enter the truce area in violation of agreement during Korean War. Armed Red Soldiers marching. Reds trying to hide arms in bushes. Red officer reaches for his gun (to scare off the camera man) Peace negotiation canceled. (8/16, PM1469)
BP 134 1951 Full title reads: "Evacuation of Hungnam". United Nations & South Korean troops evacuated. Scorched Earth tactics in use. Gun fires. Shell exploding. Fires burning on hillside. Ruined factory site near beach head. railway trucks being deliberately crashed. Trucks on fire. Buildings on fire. Secret documents being burnt. Charges in box marked `High Explosive'. Chimney blows up. Cave in hillside used by North Koreans as storage for alcohol, oil and grease exploding. Civilians fighting around lorry for bags of flour. Pan woman carrying large bag of flour on head. Soldier placing bag of flour on boy's barrow. Small boy standing with sack of flour on his back. Civilian loading lorry. Troops embarking on landing craft. (1/1, PM1433)
BP 135 1951 Full title reads: "First Film! - Truce Talks!" Soldier placing white truce flag in helicopter. Korean General Paik adjusts chin strap in helicopter. Ridgway waves as helicopter takes off. Aerial view of Kaesong. North Korean Communist reception party, including one woman, leading Allied officers towards jeeps. Parties around conference table. Helicopter arriving back at Munsan. Pressmen surrounding helicopter. (7/19, PM1465)
BP 136 1951 Title Reads: "Fighting Gen "Mike" Michaelis home from Korea". (no date, PM2555)
BP 137 1951 Title - 'World News. General Ridgway named Korea army chief'. (no date, PM2539, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 138 1951 Full title reads: "Gloucesters Home For Xmas". Southampton, Hampshire. Men of the Gloucestershire Regiment return home after serving in Korea. (12/24, PM1485)
BP 139 1951 Athens, Greece. Greek Elections. Wounded from Greek Battalion in Korea voting. (no date, PM2571)
BP 140 1951 Item title reads - HMS 'Theseus' Comes Home. battle honours including Korea 1950-51. (5/31, PM1463)
BP 141 1951 Full title reads: "In Memorium". Inscription 'The Glorious Dead'. Cross saying "Those who have fallen in korea". (out of many crosses, only two including this one gets close up shot) (11/12, PM1483)
BP 142 1951 Helicopter flying over Korean countryside. Troops landing, then in following helicopters supplies (including hand grenades) landing. (10/15, PM1479)
BP 143 1951 Osan, Korea. Troops advancing through snow. soldier carrying case on shoulder. G.I. using pick-axe on frozen ground. G.I. shovelling out foxhole. Mortars in action. Tracked gun firing (film itself was not available) (no date, PM2549)
BP 144 1951 KOREA - U.N. FORCES POUND REDS AKA KOREAN OFFENSIVE. Troops advancing. Tank firing. Large gun firing. Shells bursting on hilltop. Fighter plane releasing napalm bombs. Napalm bomb exploding. Plane dropping bombs. Bomb exploding. (no date, PM2549, American commentary)
BP 145 1951 Column advancing in snow storm. Wagon advancing through snow. Shells bursting. Guns firing. Korean countryside. (no date, PM2549, American commentary.)
BP 146 1951 Full title reads: "Korea Airmen Blood Donors" Wounded soldier receiving transfusion in MASH. (11/26, PM1483)
BP 147 1951 Item title reads - Korea awaits "Cease Fire". Devastated Seoul, people (including many children) look poor and sick. sign 'Entering Kaesong'. GIs cheering round 38th parallel sign. damaged building in Seoul. damaged site. Korean man and two children walking along. Korean man walking on crutches past bombed area. Korean orphan passing bombed site. children playing on rubble. man and woman pulling truck and walking past bomb damaged area. Malaria notice (7/9, PM1461)
BP 148 1951 Truce line agreed between UN officers and North Korea (12/3, PM1485)
BP 149 1951 Title: Korea Veterans at U.N. in Paris (no date, PM2581)
BP 150 1951 tanks firing barrage. artillery firing. tanks firing. wooded hillside alight after Napalm bomb attack. devastated wooded countryside. (no date, PM2575, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown., American newsreel item.)
BP 151 1951 Red and United Nations Liaison Officers walking out of tent at Pan Mun Jom. mortar in action. troops using flame throwers. soldier using field telephone as gun fires. shells exploding on hillside. (no date, PM2575, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown., American newsreel item.)
BP 152 1951 Title - 'UN troops drive toward 38th parallel'. artillery moving over pontoons. tank manoeuvring on hillside. Various shots artillery firing. countryside under fire. dead Koreans laying in ditch. body of North Korean soldier laying in ditch. young prisoners being searched. (no date, PM2553, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 153 1951 South Korean infantrymen moving into position. M/S field gun in action. hillside under fire. tank firing. Kushwa counter attack, Communist soldiers surrendering (no date, PM2579, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown., American newsreel item.)
BP 154 1951 Title - 'Korean War: The road to Seoul'. GI's using anti mine detectors walking along road. Tank moving. UN forces advancing and artillery firing. shells bursting. burning house.infantry moving into village. dead soldier. troops and tanks advancing on Anyang. destroyed railway yard. Wrecked carriage. rice field. (no date, PM2551, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 155 1951 4th entry into Seoul, and MacArthur meets Ridgeway in Suwon. Korea. Battered Seoul. as US soldiers walk through cheering inhabitants. elderly Korean women clapping. US troops marching through Seoul surrounded by children. Seoul market place. (no date, PM2553, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 156 1951 General Nam with other Chinese delegates in Kaesong. Seoul: South Korean demonstrators with banner saying 'No 38th Parallel' (urging not to retreat). women demonstrators. American tank advancing. soldiers firing mortar, machin guns, rifles. (no date, PM2553, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 157 1951 Korea: truce talks. Pan Munjom. communist cars arriving. American Ford along side a Soviet Coupe. (no date, PM2579, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.)
BP 158 1951 United Nations forces meet 2nd communist offensive. Korea. infantry men firing automatic rifles and machine gun. F-51 fighters diving, firing rockets and dropping Napalm bombs. (no date, PM2553, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 159 1951 Taegum, Korea. American troops perform a parachuting exercise in Korea as a show of strength. Paratroopers jumping out (11/29, PM1485)
BP 160 1951 Title - 'Korea peace talks resumed at new site'. Pan-mun-jom. UN negotiators. communist delegation arriving and walking towards tent. police guards outside tent. (no date, PM2577, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary)
BP 161 1951 Korean True Talks U.N. negotiators arriving in jeep. Three Communist women soldiers chatting. Korean woman soldier. Korean negotiators. Communist delegation leaving. (temporary deadlock, Communists and UN Agreed five-pointed agenda. Peace talk begins (no date, PM2555)
BP 162 1951 162. ady Franks with the McCormick family seated on settee - children have boxes containing presents(tartan) in hands. Mentions sympathy for American soldiers during address. (no date, PM2545)
BP 163 1951 British destroyer D 76 at sea. Sailors onboard aircraft carrier 'Theseus' fixing warheads onto shafts of rockets. Munsan smoking after being hit by UN bombers. . Paratroopers and supplies coming out of flying aircraft. (4/5, PM1445)
BP 164 1951 Horse Guards Parade, London. Russian made military equipment(tanks, vehicles, artilleries) captured during the Korean War are put on display. (8/6, PM1469)
BP 165 1951 MacArthur addresses the Massachusetts legislature, calling the Kaesong talks vindication of his far eastern policies General MacArthur stresses the futility of war and underlines the need for world wide peace. (no date, PM2557, American commentary)
BP 166 1951 166. anks advancing in Korea. General Mathew Ridgway, who took over from General MacArthur, studying map at Headquarters. Tanks firing. Explosion on hillside. History of MacArthur's military life. (4/16, PM1431)
BP 167 1951 Mud hinders US advance Wheel with chains revolving in mud. Jeep being towed by larger wagon. marines seated in truck, two holding puppies. Tunnel entrance approaching as aircraft swoops. Machine gun bullets exploding around tunnel. Bullets exploding in encampment. Aircraft strafing transport on road. Napalm bombs dropping from aircraft. Napalm Bombs exploding. (3/15, PM1443)
BP 168 1951 Panmunjon, Korea. A balloon explodes during truce talks injuring soldiers. Scenes of shells exploding, rockets and guns firing (11/8, PM1479)
BP 169 1951 Private Fargie, who was sentenced 10 years in prison for shooting a Korean teacher in Korea but freed by Commander-in-Chief, return to England (4/2, PM1445)
BP 170 1951 Southampton, Hampshire. Troops of the Royal Norfolk Regiment board troopships bound for Korea. (9/3, PM1471)
BP 171 1951 Title: Oil and War ? Korea. Intertitle reads 'As oil crisis reaches climax Persian appeal to Mr Truman finds America considering Russia's 'Cease Fire' plan for Korea as war enters second year.' (7/2, PM1459)
BP 172 1951 Title: Oil and War ? Korea. Trucks and other vehicles on Korean front. American GI's and Dutch troops advancing. Tanks firing. Explosion. Rockets firing at night, like fireworks. (7/2, PM1459)
BP 173 1951 Title: Oil and War ? Korea. Soviet Delegate Jacob Malik urges cease fire at UN. (7/2, PM1459)
BP 174 1951 Full title reads: "Pathe News Reviews 1951". Troopship arriving at Liverpool, with Gloucesters aboard returning home from Korea. (12/27, PM1485)
BP 175 1951 Peacemaker Malik goes home (irrelavent) (no date, PM2557)
BP 176 1951 Full title reads: "Korea - Planes Fail To Slow Chinese". Aerial combat from the Korean war front. bombs and rockets exploding on burning target. Captured Soviet footage shows new MIG jets. (1/11, PM1433)
BP 177 1951 Full title reads: "President Warns US". Truman speaks: "As your President, I am telling you that the dangers in the other parts of the world are just as great as they are in Korea. Every day reports come to my desk about Soviet military preparations around the world. If everyone of you could see these reports and receive the same information, you would give up the thought that the danger is over. We cannot let down our guard no matter what happens in Korea. We must have men, ships, planes, tanks and bombs on hand ready for any emergency, and if we have them we won't have to use them." (8/6, PM1469)
BP 178 1951 Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) talking to men wounded in Korea. Princess talking to wounded man in Cowglen hospital. Princess walking up to another wounded man and speaking to him. (5/31, PM1463)
BP 179 1951 Ceremony at Red Cross Headquarter in Rome for the Italian Red Cross unit sailing to serve in the Korean War. (no date, PM2573)
BP 180 1951 American troops retreat from Korean capital Seoul. Smoke on hillside, Machine guns and Bazooka team firing. refugees walking along railway track. American GI using mine detector on refugee's load. refugees trekking across frozen river. (1/15, PM1435)
BP 181 1951 Americans honour heroic Gloucesters who held allied line and prevented collapse in Korea (5/24, PM1457)
BP 182 1951 From American submarine 'Volador', helicopter tail sticking out of sea. Men running along deck of submarine. Survivors swimming towards sub. Another rescuer dives in. (12/31, PM0001)
BP 183 1951 Two G.I.'s manning bazookas & shells and bombs exploding on battlefield. (no date, PM2557)
BP 184 1951 Refugees, a big problem for UN in Korea. Small children. Man carrying large wheel (1/25, PM1435)
BP 185 1951 A truce line is signed in Pan-mun-jom, Korea. jeeps moving slowly along the snow-covered roads. soldier throwing sand on the road. shovels scrape and chip hard snow from road. (12/10, PM1491)
BP 186 1951 Talks continue falteringly during Korean War. North Korean and Korean guards, American soldier talking to North Korean North Korean girl soldier offering Yanks sweets. (7/23, PM1465)
BP 187 1951 Hopes of a cease-fire in Korea appear to be waning with the killing of a Chinese soldier in a neutral area. (no date, PM2563)
BP 188 1951 Truman speaks, "The men who are fighting in Korea will tell us it's a very small contribution after all. At a time like this, when men are fighting and dying for our country and the peace of the world, it it wrong for any of up to place private interests above the national interest". (The Speech is directed against communism and its effect on the peace of the world.) (no date, PM2553)
BP 189 1951 UN Greek Battalion in Korea (no date, PM2555)
BP 190 1951 After smashing Chinese attack UN forces reach Seoul. Smoking countryside. (2/26, PM1439)
BP 191 1951 191. UN (American) forces (tanks, jeeps, soldiers) advancing in Korea. South Korean soldiers riding on donkeys. United Nation soldiers, wearing snow camouflage, advancing on Wonju. UN soldiers searching captured Red Chinese soldier. (2/1, PM1437)
BP 192 1951 American forces crossing the river Han near Seoul, Korea. Soldiers firing machine gun, rifles, automatic rifles. Soldier holding snow on hot barrel of machine gun. South Korean soldier being dragged to safety. Rescued South Korean having wounds dressed. (3/19, PM1443)
BP 193 1951 South Korean soldiers fighting in Korea. Enemy bunker under fire. Soldiers firing light machine guns Enemies surrender. Tracers fired at dusk, bouncing from the bunkers. (11/1, PM1481)
BP 194 1951 Siamese soldier firing rifle, machine gun. Filipinos. British tanks lined up. New Zealanders. United Nations troops in Korea now include 35,000 men from eight nation (1/4, PM1435)
BP 195 1951 UN troops evacuate Inchon, Korea and wounded men are put on Red Cross hospital ships. (no date, PM2543)
BP 196 1951 Korean war orphans find refuge at Cheju island, also called Orphan Island. boy giving plate of food to another child. children waiting for spoons. Children standing in circle moving arms. Small child in centre. Small child clapping hands. (2/8, PM1437)
BP 197 1951 1st Battalion the Welsh Regiment board their troopship bound for Korea. (10/15, PM1479)

BP 198 1952 Title reads: "The Army Kinema Corporation presents ... News Parade produced by Associated British Pathe Ltd ... Review of 1952 ... World Events". scenes of Korean War. Bombs dropped from aircrafts. Soldiers firing guns, throwing grenades. (no date, PM2010)
BP 199 1952 Korea. American planes drop leaflets to warn North Korean civilians that they are about to bomb. Rocket exploding on road, military convoys and concealed tanks, mountainside. (9/22, PM0028)
BP 200 1952 American Naval planes in flight. cannon shells entering tunnel, hitting train, missing bridge. The American are trying to cut supply lines to the Communist North Korea Forces. (6/16, PM0012)
BP 201 1952 Battle for bunker hill. : one of the fiercest battle, Ame vs. Chinese Troops firing mortals and rifles. Shells bursting. (no date, PM2610)
BP 202 1952 Governor Adlai Stevenson praising American action in Korea (no date, PM2612)
BP 203 1952 U.S. Battleship Wisconsin and Cruiser Manchester sent to shell mainland railway line to stop troops build-up during truce talks. Ship firing. Shells bursting on Korean mainland. (4/24, PM0004)
BP 204 1952 Queen Mother inspects and gives farewell speech to the Black Watch who will shortly leave for Korea. (5/19, PM0008)
BP 205 1952 Bomb falling away from 'plane on way to a dam and hits it. this self guided bomb - The Tarzon - developed and used by the American Air Force for use in the Korean War. (6/23, PM0014)
BP 206 1952 Churchill talking to veterans. He says: "After shedding your blood in Korea, I have the pleasure, the privilege, to shake your hands this morning and to compliment you in the part you have played in a memorable act of resistance against tyranny and aggression." (1/28, PM0007)
BP 207 1952 Eden addresses the UN over POWs in Korea. (11/27, PM0044)
BP 208 1952 General Dwight 'Ike' Eisenhower reports after 1 year's work with SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Power in Europe) at Marly, France. he says, "the purpose of our governments was a very simple one, to retain the peace through establishing a sound collective security" and talks of the "sore spots" of Indochina, Korea and Malaya having a "direct impact upon our efforts here". (no date, PM2589, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown.)
BP 209 1952 Seoul, South Korea. Crowd of people move under arch with sign that reads "Strengthen Republic of Korea". A banner hangs from the building - 'Welcome President Elect Eisenhower - Drive Away The Chinese Reds!' South Korean soldiers are inspected by Eisenhower. British soldiers march past Eisenhower. French troops and then Commonwealth troops march past. (12/11, PM0050)
BP 210 1952 Fire aboard US Carrier 'Boxer'. 9 killed 32 injured. Explosives taken in to the water and destroyed planes pushed into water. (8/28, PM0026)
BP 211 1952 Radio controlled pilotless plane catapulted from Boxer. Robot plane dives towards target. Mother plane turns away. Aerial shot of explosion on ground in North Korea. (no date, PM2612, American commentary)
BP 212 1952 Dwight Eisenhower on board USS 'Helena' bound for Korea. (no date, PM2636, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 214 1952 JOKE-A-STROKE GOLF! (AKA HOPE, CROSBY, PEERS, RAY GOLF) (Irrelavant) (9/25, PM0030)
BP 215 1952 K.O.S.B. (King's Own Scottish Borderers) COMMEMORATION SERVICE - KOREA. Pusan War cemetery. Crosses. Troops saluting to the flag and wandering through the cemetery looking at their comrades' graves. (no date, PM2608)
BP 216 1952 KOJE PRISON CAMP. (no date, PM2595)
BP 217 1952 KOJE PRISONERS DEFY BRITISH Communist North Korean Prisoners in compound. Goose-stepping prisoners marching across compound. Prisoners practising bayonet fighting with wooden rifles. (6/12, PM0012)
BP 218 1952 American troops digging in on the slopes of 'Old Baldy'. American artillery and machine guns firing. (no date, PM2636, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 219 1952 Korea orphan children in street. Orphans cleaning shoes. Girls running from camera. Boy trying to sell article. Bunker Hill: US troops advancing across battlefield. Soldier throwing grenade and explosion. Shells bursting. Flame-thrower in action. (no date, PM2610)
BP 220 1952 Air Strike in Korea. Loading bomb and the 'Kitchen sink' onto aircraft. Dropping bombs and bombs hitting the factory, towns, rail centers, barracks. (no date, PM2614)
BP 221 1952 Explosion on hillside. marines with flame-throwers going in to attack. Rockets leaving aircraft. Explosions on road. Direct hit on bridge. (7/24, PM0020)
BP 222 1952 town of Pyongyang showing bomb scarred road hit by fighter bombers. B.29 dropping load. Explosions on Pyongyang. (8/10, PM0022)
BP 223 1952 Battle of/for the ridges. Guns firing. Tracers falling into valley. (no date, PM2636, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary)
BP 224 1952 Paratroopers in training exercise. Korea. troopers baling out. paratroopers descending. (no date, PM2636, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 225 1952 Ammunition dump in Pusan explodes (no date, PM2602, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear or unknown., American newsreel)
BP 226 1952 President election held in Pusan, provisional capital of Korea. Queues waiting outside polling Station. woman carrying baby on back - recording vote in booth. man with traditional Korean hat, recording vote. Soldier placing vote in ballot box. Lee wins reelection. Eastern Battle front: pouring rain. G.I's digging trenches. Gun firing. Artillery shell exploding on hillside. (8/18, PM0024)
BP 227 1952 Lady Mountbatten inspect medial arrangement in Korea (3/21, PM2587)
BP 228 1952 LEICESTERS FROM KOREA irrelavant (8/4, PM0022)
BP 229 1952 Title - 'Mickey Rooney entertains the troops'. (no date, PM2636, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 230 1952 Horseguards parade, London. Silver bugles are presented in recognition of their bravery in Korea. (12/22, PM0052)
BP 231 1952 More Anzacs for Korea (3/13, PM0019)
BP 232 1952 Mount Baldy recaptured by Communists. Wounded man bring carried away on stretcher. (8/1, PM2608)
BP 233 1952 In the Korean War buried Napalm filled shell cases are being used to stop Korean infiltration. A very nasty form of land mine. Napalm explosion. Dummies in midst of flaming napalm. A burning dummy. (3/27, PM0021)
BP 234 1952 hospital ship "Consolation" showing helicopter landing on platform on stern. Wounded man being carried away. Self-propelled 8¡± gun shooting. Shells exploding (2/21, PM0015)
BP 235 1952 Welsh soldiers parade to receive leek on St. David¡¯s day (3/17, PM0019)
BP 236 1952 Demonstration of new body armour / bullet proof vest for use in Korea. (3/10, PM0019)
BP 237 1952 Portugal Conference: Mr Acheson speaking - natural sound: "Mr Chairman, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen. It ranks as one of the great democratic institutions invented in last half century. Being confronted and endangered by one of the oldest types of political institutions, a rigid military autocracy ruled by police power. It speaks well of democracy to safeguard their freedom... their political maturity in being able to keep that freedom unimpaired, while putting forth the effort to build up their collective strength. The people of my country and peoples of the other countries of the Atlantic community, do not cherish military strength for its own sake. They know that they need military strength to be secure against aggression. They know that a vacuum of weakness as was seen in Korea, constitutes a fatal temptation to autocracies determined to expand, and unless this vacuum is replaced by strength we will be eventually be undermined and overwhelmed. For this reason we seek to build forces adequate to deter or to meet it." (1/1, PM2585)
BP 238 1952 British troops of the 1st Battalion Black Watch arrive at the docks in Pusan, Korea. (7/28, PM0022)
BP 239 1952 Lieutenant General Matthew B Ridgway - Commander in Chief of Atlantic Pact Forces - talking with US officer. Ridgway saluting as he gets out of car at Pan Mun Jom. (no date, PM2591, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown., American newsreel)
BP 240 1952 Lt. General Matthew B. Ridgway, General Mark Clark (United Nations Commander), Admiral Joy and General van Fleet (Ex-Commander in Chief 8th Army in Korea) posing. (5/19, PM0008)
BP 241 1952 General Ridgway(c-in-c Atlantic Pact Forces) reports to Congress: I am constrained at this point to refer again to the officially Propagated allegation of the Communist leaders that the United Nations command in Korea have employed germ and gas war. In the whole black record of false propaganda/these charges should stand out as a monumental warning, to the American people and the free world, a warning as menacing and as urgent as a forest fire bearing down on a wooden village. The extent to which Communist leaders worldwide have gone in fabricating disseminating and persistently pursuing these false charges to impress upon the brains of those who have yet to fail or refuse to see the purpose of Communism the deadly danger which confronts us and the free world. (no date, PM2595)
BP 242 1952 Ship "Empire Halladale" bringing Royal Fusiliers to Korea. Troops disembark. Troops marching onto railway platform. Troops entering train. (no date, PM2608)
BP 243 1952 Seoul prepares for and welcomes the visit of the President Eisenhower (no date, PM2779, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 244 1952 Southampton, Hampshire. Men of the 1st Battalion the Middlesex Regiment return from Korea. (12/4, PM0046)
BP 245 1952 Tanks and infantry advancing over snow covered roads. Various shots of tanks firing machine guns and artillery at hillside (1/1, PM2583)
BP 246 1952 Comedian Ted Ray and others in Korea to entertain troops. (no date, PM2498)
BP 247 1952 Red POW rebel in Prison camp in Koje. They planned to take over Koje. Gas grenades thrown, explosions. (6/19, PM0014)
BP 248 1952 One more (same contents) about Koje. Wounded carried on stretcher, burning sites. (no date, PM2602, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear or unknown)
BP 249 1952 Troops start Koje clean-up (6/12, PM0012)
BP 250 1952 Trygve Lie, Secretary-General of the United Nations, mentions Korea in the speech announcing his resignation (no date, PM2636, American Commentary)
BP 251 1952 United Nations admit bombing of Kaesong after investigation into matter. (1/1, PM2585)
BP 252 1952 United Nations Prisoners of War camp in Korea open for inspection. Prisoners being inoculated. Prisoners being deloused (1/1, PM2583)
BP 253 1952 UNO meeting where Vyshinsky made speech attacking US on Korean War.3 1/2 hour speech by Vyshinsky, the longest speech in UNO history, accusing US of starting Korean War and blocking "patient Communist efforts to bring about a truce". Acheson rejected Vyshinsky's offer of ending the war on Communist terms. (no date, PM2500, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear or unknown)
BP 254 1952 US Marines regain ridge in Korean war. (no date, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)

BP 255 1953 Two men clearing snow away on deck with large shovels. Gun on deck completely covered in snow and ice. LV. Plane taking off in icy conditions. Men of the 1st. King's Liverpool Regt. camouflaging themselves with dried grass etc. Rifles and tanks ready. Tank firing. Patrol returning with dead Chinese on stretcher. Koreans digging deep positions in almost solid rock. (2/26, PM0060)
BP 256 1953 256. Scenes of destroyed Seoul by Red boming. South Koreans demonstrating against UN ans US army (no date, PM2496, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unclear or unknown.)
BP 258 1953 Mobile workshops of Commonwealth troops in Korea. (1/15, PM0056)
BP 259 1953 US Navy Cameraman Thomas Lee McGrew Junior killed by a bomb on aircraft carrier "Oriskany" (3/23, PM2010, Unissued / unused material. )
BP 260 1953 CARNE OF THE GLOSTERS HOME from Korea (10/19, PM0122)
BP 261 1953 Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Civilian POWs return home from Korea. (4/27, PM0074)
BP 262 1953 Sign "Do-Bong Orphan Asylum" Young Korean children running towards GIs who carry sacks of presents. GI nursing baby. Young Korean children admiring each others new clothes. (no date, Unissued / Unused material., American Newsreel material.)
BP 263 1953 Colonel Carne leaving Buckingham Palace, London. Buckingham Palace, he received Victoria Cross and Distinguished Service Order for his gallantry in Korea (10/29, PM0124)
BP 264 1953 CORONATION YEAR REVIEW OF 1953 video newsreel film (no date, PM3454)
BP 265 1953 EISENHOWER PRESIDENT (aka IKE INAUGURATION) video newsreel film (1/26, PM0056)
BP 266 1953 Ex-GI Prisoners of War who once became a communist returns to the American side, Panmunjom, Korea. He looks happy (no date, PM2646)
BP 267 1953 "Field of Remembrance" - crosses are for soldiers killed in both World Wars and Korean War. (11/6, PM2648)
BP 268 1953 Aerial view, bombs falling on ground. LS UN Tank burning. United Nations tank crew being carried from tank to ambulance. CU blood plasma being given to wounded GI soldier. (no date, PM2016, Unused / Unissued material., American newsreel item)
BP 270 1953 FIRST KOREA POW's HOME. wounded men on stretcher, taken into ambulance (9/10, PM0114)
BP 271 1953 Woman and child through bombed site. Small boy handing up pot - receives soup and walks away. Family approaching border Guard. SCU. Border Guard SV. Guard walks out and stops family. Korean girl carrying baby on back. Mortar and gun firing (2/12, PM0058)
BP 272 1953 GEN. VAN FLEET HOME TO HERO'S WELCOME (no date, Unissued / Unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 273 1953 GEN. VAN FLEET LEAVES KOREA FOR RETIREMENT. Van Fleet is praised as ¡°a man who turned confused stripers into well drilled army¡± (no date, PM2004, Unissued / Unused material., American newsreel material.)
BP 274 1953 'GEN. DEAN IS FREE - 3 YEARS A RED CAPTIVE'. (no date, PM2504, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unknown or unclear.)
BP 276 1953 Yellow sea: Aircraft comes up on lift. (First 7' for super.) LV. Men preparing aircraft, including 'Fireflies' and 'Sea Furies'. Planes take off. Front line: machine guns firing, plane bombing, bombardment. (2/16, PM0058)
BP 278 1953 tank moving up to front line. Heavy guns firing. Wounded being loaded onto jeep. Helicopter flying wounded back to base. (7/30, PM0108)
BP 279 1953 Korea. Freedom village built for prisoners released by North Korea. (4/16, PM0070)
BP 280 1953 Communist soldiers in the distance. United Nations troops and communist soldiers meet. (8/10, PM0110)
BP 281 1953 United Nations POW's are returning from behind communist lines. At Munsan, North Korean prisoners disembark as they make their way to the Panmunjom exchange site. South Korean holding sign written in his own blood "Communists Didn't Win" (8/17, PM0112)
BP 282 1953 KOREA QUESTION STIRS OPENING UN SESSION. Senator Lodge speaking "Every element of American life, is eager for peace. For the sake of peace we have to put up our resources we have sent our men. This brings me naturally to another sombre truth, this is that the Soviet Union is actively assisting the aggressors in Korea, on a scale that makes possible the continuance of that aggression, and which determines its scope Failure to end the fighting in Korea, is not due to any lack prevalence of words here in the United Nations. It is due to the frightfully announced desire of the Communists to continue the war." (no date, PM2006, Unissued / Unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 283 1953 PREPARATIONS FOR P.O.W. EXCHANGE. POWs. embarking in ambulance. Tank firing. LV. Shell exploding on hilltop. Night shot. rockets firing (4/23, PM0072)
BP 284 1953 Panmunjom truce site. Representatives arriving. front line: United Nations field gun firing. Wounded man on stretcher being placed in ambulance (7/23, PM0108)
BP 285 1953 Preparations for Korean Peace Conference, Panmunjom, Korea. Representatives around the table. (10/26, PM2646, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 286 1953 Communist Korean officers signing agreement of exchange of prisoners followed by American officers signing. (no date, PM2018, American voiceover)
BP 287 1953 P.O.W. Camps Red Cross Begin Check (8/31, PM0114)
BP 288 1953 Koreans demonstrate, demanding withdrawal of Indian troops from Korea, Seoul, South Korea. sign "UN must denounce Indians". LS crowds in square. (10/9, PM2644, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 289 1953 Truce signed. General Harrison signing agreement. LV. Red guests watching. SCU. General Nam Il signs. BV. UN guests watching. (8/3, PM0110)
BP 290 1953 Bunkers and trenches on the hill slopes. Mortar team in action. Shells bursting on hilltop. American planes swooping over the target dropping bombs. Fighter plane diving. LS. Bombs bursting. (no date, PM2020, American voiceover)
BP 291 1953 KOREAN WAR - THIRD ANNIVERSARY. large crowd assembled in the main square of Seoul carrying banners and slogans. MS. Syngman Rhee addressing people. GV. Crowd saluting and cheering Rhee. (no date, PM2492)
BP 292 1953 KOREANS JOIN BRITISH ARMY. British officers adjust Korean soldiers' uniform. (4/6, PM0068)
BP 293 1953 KOREANS MARK 34TH YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE. (no date, PM2008, Unissued / Unused material., American Newsreel item.)
BP 294 1953 MATCHBOX COLLECTOR (aka MATCHBOX LABELS). Leicester. Covers representing Austria, Norway, Abyssinia, Korea, Japan (propaganda artwork) and Russia are seen. (3/2, PM1315)
BP 295 1953 Tracers hitting MIG (single scratch) LV. MIG plummeting to earth. Smoke issuing from MIG. Missiles hitting fuselage. SV. MIG being hit and bursting in flames (3/19, PM0064)
BP 296 1953 pilot of MIG 15 arriving for interrogation. CU's pilot making statement. (no date, PM2779, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 297 1953 KOREAN ORPHAN ADOPTED (11/19, PM0128)
BP 298 1953 Panmunjom., Korea. POW's at interrogation table (8/24, PM0112)
BP 299 1953 NIGHT FIGHTERS DOWN RED MIGS IN KOREA. bombs being dropped at ground target. MIG aircraft exploding in the air after being shot at night. (no date, PM2020, American voiceover.)
BP 300 1953 soldiers feet and arms wading through mud. L/S Shell bursting on hillside. GIs diving for cover in trenches. (no date, PM2496, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unclear or unknown.)
BP 301 1953 OPERATION BIG SWITCH. South Korean prisoners alighting from lorries. (8/1, PM3472)
BP 302 1953 PANMUNJOM, KOREA (aka FIRST EXCHANGE OF WOUNDED P.O.W. AT PANMUNJOM). Ambulances lined up and prisoners getting off. Prisoners entering tent for interrogation. (4/27, PM0074)
BP 303 1953 PANMUNJOM - REDS FREE COL. CARNE. (9/17, PM0116)
BP 304 1953 PANMUNJON - P.O.W. AGREEMENT SIGNED. Shells bursting on hillside. SV. Pressmen watching shellbursts. (4/20, PM0070)
BP 305 1953 PONGAM P.O.W. RIOT (aka PONGAM POW RIOTS). Wounded Prisoners (1/1, PM0054)
BP 306 1953 Lyneham, Wiltshire. Soldiers captured by the North Koreans during the war are flown back home to England. (5/4, PM0076)
BP 307 1953 Empty Korean POW camps bear grim evidence of the mss escape of 27,000 prisoners who stampeded the barbed wire, many prisoners were torn to pieces on the barb. (no date, PM2492)
BP 308 1953 PUSAN FIRE: 28,000 HOMELESS. fireman playing hose. LS rescue workers amongst rubble, smoking ruins. (12/10, PM0130)
BP 309 1953 Title reads 'Korea Cities Start Job of Rebuilding'. . Bricklayers and plasterers working on building. MS. Road laying machine. LS. Repairing power cables. LS. Women and men working in fields collecting potatoes. MS. Korean child pouring potatoes into sack.(7/1, PM3472)
BP 310 1953 Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Civilian POWs return home from Korea. (4/27, PM0074)
BP 311 1953 ( SEOUL CELEBRATES PEACE PACT ). banners in the crowd, some pro-USA (11/11, PM2648, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)
BP 312 1953 British Representative Sir Gladwyn Jebb seated, speaking on the need for an armistice in Korea, and the repatriation of prisoners of war and refers to the insincerity of the Chinese Republic in their efforts to establish peace. (no date, PM2006, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 313 1953 SIR JACK, SIR GORDON. Hamish Hughes holding father's posthumous award (DSO or Distinguished Service Order) for fighting in Korea (7/2, PM0100)
BP 314 1953 SOUTH KOREANS DEMONSTRATE (aka CROWDS IN SEOUL DEMAND UNITED KOREA). banner saying "Young men hold the arms and advance North". (1/5, PM2014, Unissued / unused material)
BP 315 1953 SOUTHAMPTON - FIRST POW SHIP HOME. "Asturias" brings home 500 ex-POW's from Korea. Several interviews with the troops reveal the true story of the rumours that many Britons have turned communist in captivity.Smith replying: "There's been quite a lot of talk about men that swallowed this communist propaganda, but it has been greatly exaggerated, there is only a small minority. Majority of British stuck together and always remembered they were British." (9/21, PM0116)
BP 316 1953 Adlai Stevenson, US Democrat candidate, interviewed during visit to London. He talks of seeing the British Forces in Korea and Malaya and expresses his respect and admiration for the valour of British Forces in the Orient.(no date, PM2496, Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unclear or unknown.)
BP 317 1953 THE KOREAN FRONT (aka BILL JORDAN WITH THE BRITISH TROOPS ON THE KOREAN FRONT). Keith Lodge throwing dart. Men playing darts - they break up and run for action stations. SV. Men running through trench. Mortar gun crew firing gun. Gun on tank firing. Machine gun firing. 25-Pounder firing. (1/8, PM0054)
BP 318 1953 American Embassy, Prince's Gate, London. Colonel Edmund Myers receives decoration from U.S. Ambassador Mr Winthrop Aldrich. LV VIP's watching. CU Korean Minister, Hon. Myo Mook Lee. (11/23, PM0128)
BP 319 1953 Title reads 'U.N. Assembly Meets to Weigh Korean Truce'. (8/1, PM3472)
BP 320 1953 UN VOTE ON ALLIED PLAN FOR KOREA. (no date, PM2502, Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown., American newsreel section with commentary and some natural sound.)
BP 321 1953 Citation for Royal Artillery gunners' action in Korean War, read by American Major Fisher-Hoch who commanded the company in action. Woolwich, London. (no date, PM2644, Unissued / unused material.)
BP 322 1953 American title reads: "A Farewell review for Gen. Van Fleet". Troops marching past General Van Fleet, former Commander in Chief 8th Army in Korea.(no date, PM2020, Note: American voiceover.)
BP 324 1953 XMAS IN KOREA (aka CHRISTMAS IN KOREA). Title reads: "They were not forgotten first rushed films of our troops celebrating Christmas Day in Korea told by Pathe News Cameraman Bill Jordan" Korean Hillside and dugouts (All quiet). decorating Christmas Tree. pealing potatoes and eating breakfast. reading christmas cards. cooking turkey. Koreans eating. (1/1, PM0054)

BP 325 1954 46TH DIV. LEAVE FOR HOME. American troops marching past. Gen. Taylor. (no date, PM2777)
BP 326 1954 Korean houses and farms destroyed by war, US aid in rebuilding them; (4/15, PM0150)
BP 327 1954 Catholic welfare send relief goods to Korea (war-stricken children); (no date, PM2777)
BP 328 1954 Election Demonstration in Seoul, carrying the banners urging ¡°Unification of Korea under our Sovereignty¡± Demand UN supervised election in North Korea!; (no date, PM2658)
BP 329 1954 GENEVA CONFERENCE delegates from many countries including Korea arriving (no date, PM2769)
BP 330 1954 GENEVA: TALKS START. Korean delegate arriving. Mr Chou En-Lai, Prime Minister of China, arriving. SV pan, Mr John Foster Dulles, American Secretary of State, arriving.... (4/29, PM0152)
BP 331 1954 Korea elects a new assembly, scene of a woman voting(no date, PM2771)
BP 332 1954 KOREA - OPERATION "COMEBACK". ex-Chinese and North Korean prisoners of war marching to railway station. camp burning. (2/1, PM0154)
BP 333 1954 Korean orphans entertained by GI¡¯s. Children dancing. Receive gifts from GI¡¯s (no date, PM2632)
BP 334 1954 MARILYN MONROE IN KOREA (no date, PM2777)
BP 335 1954 MARINE MANOEUVRES IN KOREA. large numbers of landing craft approaching shores. bulldozers, cranes and amphibian carriers going ashore also tanks. (no date, PM2769, Transcript on file, American commentary.)
BP 336 1954 Mobilization of Korea¡¯s first field army Taylor speaking in Korean, then shakes hands with Rhee MS. Rhee speaking in Korean then finishing off by saying 'I understood every word he said (no date, PM2765)
BP 337 1954 Operation comeback ends in Korea: Anti-Communist prisoners of war carrying S. Korean and National China flags marching from compound. The troops (accused for prison crimes) being checked by Indian officers and entering UN Wagon. Their fate uncertain (no date, PM2775)
BP 338 1954 In South Korea : Scots Marching, Boxing game in army (no date, PM2620)
BP 339 1954 Huge fire, 800 homes destroyed. 30000 ppl homeless. Scenes of homeless people searching the ruins (7/5, PM0172)
BP 340 1954 Various spoons. Spoons from Korea (6/7, PM1333)
BP 341 1954 ( UNITED NATIONS DEBATE UNITED STATES CAPTIVES IN CHINA ). the UN is debating the fate of American pilots shot down during the Korean war who are still being held captive by the Chinese. (no date, PM2660, Unused / unissued material, American voiceovered newsreel material.)
BP 342 1954 WAREHOUSE FIRE IN SEOUL. ¡°Reminders of war as warehouse becomes a spectacular inferno.¡± blazing warehouse which was packed with oil drums. (no date, PM2777)

BP 343 1955 ANNIVERSARY OF KOREAN WAR aka 5TH ANNIVERSARY OF KOREAN WAR. Students marching in pouring rain through streets of Seoul on the anniversary of the Korean War protesting against the South Koreans still held in the Communist controlled North. (6/15, PM2686, Unissued / unused material - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown.)
BP 344 1955 Field Marshal Sir John Harding (Chief of Imperial General Staff) in Kimpo, South Korea. (3/17, PM2674, Unissued / unused material.)
BP 345 1955 FOREIGN STUDENTS VISIT WHITE HOUSE aka EISENHOWER RECEIVES GIFTS FROM STUDENTS. Eisenhower receiving gifts from students which includes a water colour from Korea. (2/15, PM2668, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown., American /US newsreel item)
BP 346 1955 FREED FLIERS AND FAMILIES. freed fliers, shot down in the Korean war and imprisoned for two years by Communist China (6/7, PM2684, Unissued / unused material - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown., American Newsreel item.)
BP 347 1955 officers receiving diplomas from Dr Syngman Rhee, First President of the Korean Republic, on Graduation Day at West Point in Korea (10/11, PM2800, Unissued / unused material - date and location may be unclear / unknown., American newsreel item,)
BP 348 1955 Oil Fire in Seoul. Blazing building, bursts into flame. MS.Firemen playing water. Workers being evacuated from other buildings. Flames belching from building. (no date, PM2662, Cut story with American commentary.)
BP 349 1955 SOUTH KOREAN RIOTS (aka RIOTS IN SOUTH KOREA). South Koreans protest, demanding that communist members of the neutral armistice commission leave their country. American guards with machine guns. Troops playing the hose, pan down to people running away on beach. GV. People running about, thick smoke is chasing rioters. (8/22, PM0543)
BP 350 1955 ( TURNCOAT GI'S ON WAY HOME AFTER CAPTIVITY ). The three soldiers became Communists during the Korean War but have now asked to return to the US. (7/18, PM2690, Unused / unissued material -, American voiceovered newsreel material.)
BP 351 1955 Former Prisoners Of War (POW) chose to stay in China after the Korean War but now decided to return home. They will have to face court-martial. (8/8, PM0539)
BP 352 1955 Title reads: "Red China Frees 4 U.S. Fliers". (6/6, Unissued / unused material - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown., American Newsreel item.)
BP 353 1955 ( US NAVAL AWARDS TO BRITISH NAVAL PERSONNEL ). (4/6, PM2676, Unissued / unused material. )

BP 354 1956 ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF SOUTH KOREAN VICE PRESIDENT aka ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF S KOREAN PRESIDENT. Crowds in street where attempted assassination of South Korea's Vice President, John Chang (leader of the political opposition to President Syngman Rhee) took place, press forward. Police on horseback. Police jeep taking Vice President to hospital. Polices on horseback. Some polices guarding Chang¡¯s house. He was shot in the left hand as he left the convention hall. would-be a ssassin, a former Republic of Korea Army sergeant, told police he shot Chang because the government official "is trying to be friendly toward Japan" (10/2, PM2554, Unissued / unused material - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown.)
BP 355 1956 44 Korean soldiers killed by avalanche in north Seoul, Korea. Rescue workers dig to find the victims (3/14, PM2540, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown., American newsreel item)
BP 356 1956 50000 hear evangelist Billy Graham in Korea; (no date, PM2538, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 357 1956 'News of the Day presents four full years - The Eisenhower story'. newspaper reading 'Korean Truce signed'. (no date, PM2834, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 358 1956 Film Fanfare - NO 23 - Section 1 & 2. Mid 1956. John Parsons introduces an item on Marilyn Monroe's visit to Britain. We see her arrival in London and press conference at Savoy Hotel. We also see clips of her in Korea. (no date, PM2829)
BP 359 1956 Korean Armistice Commission meets North Korean officers and Panmunjom; (no date, PM2550, Unissued / Unused material., American commentary.)
BP 360 1956 Korean ex-POW¡¯s move to Brazil (no date, PM2532, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.)
BP 361 1956 Korea celebrates armed forces day with air show. South Korea. flypast of Sabres. MS President Rhee and wife. LS MIG 17 dropping rockets. (no date, PM2834, Unissued / Unused material.)
BP 362 1956 Rhee & his wife, Lee Ki Poong voting. Widow of Rhee's chief opponent crying as she votes. Ballot papers being counted. LS. Crowd looking at results. (Rhee wins again for the 3rd term, winning 56% of vote (last time 70%)) (no date, PM2818, Transcript on file, American commentary)
BP 363 1956 KOREA SALUTES RHEE ON 81ST BIRTHDAY (no date, PM2542, Cut story with American commentary.)
BP 364 1956 US unknown dead from Korea return home. Yokosuka, Japan. (no date, PM2530, Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.)

BP 365 1957 Liberation Day Anniversary in Korea. Sygman Lee speaks from stand (no date, PM2888, Documentation on file, American commentary
BP 366 1957 UN official declares he will ignore the truce and arm the forces with modern weapons. Possibly, both sides of Korea may be armed with atomic weapon; (6/24, PM2878, Unused / unissued material -, American voiceovered newsreel material)

BP 367 1958 FREE CHINA LAUNCHES HUGE LOGGING DRIVE. Formosa, Taiwan (East Coast). Ties being stockpiled in logging yard. LS. Pan, of yard full of rail ties, designated for Korea, as train load of ties pull through the yard. (no date, PM2916)
BP 368 1958 Korea gets new advanced weapon, 280mm atomic gun. (5/18, PM2590)
BP 369 1958 Two unknown warriors brought to rest at Arlington National Cemetery - the dead soldiers represent World War 2 and Korean War. Washington DC, United States of America (USA). (6/2, PM2712, Unissued / unused material., American newsreel item.)

BP 370 1959 A VISITOR FROM THE SOVIET UNION. pickets carrying placards: "How much more blood do you want Mikoyan" "Mikoyan remember Korea and Hungary" "We don't need guests whose hands drip with blood" (no date, PM2930, Cut story with American commentary.)
BP 371 1959 Korea Marines training. North Korea and 1953 armistice mentioned. (4/28, PM2720, Unused / unissued material -, American voiceovered newsreel material.)

BP 372 1960 Title reads: "Korea - The Stormy Road Out Of Turmoil". ioting students hurl stones and sticks at the house of Vice-President Lee Ki Poong - at night. in the morning of the Vice-President's house which has been wrecked and only the shell of the house is left standing. (4/28, PM2954, Unused / unissued material -, American voiceovered newsreel material.)
BP 373 1960 EISENHOWER TOUR OF THE ORIENT. Seoul, Korea. LS sign over airport "Welcome to Korea Mr President". LS Boeing 707 taxiing at Kimpo airport, South Korea. (no date, PM2962, Unissued / Unused material., Cataloguer's note: American commentary.)
BP 374 1960 Demo against Rhee. Throwing stones, burning, confrontation with Korean Army. crowds milling around in Seoul, South Korea, demonstrating against the result of the General Election which they believe was rigged. A police jeep comes tearing through dispersing them (4/21, PM1676)
BP 375 1960 Vice president Nixon receives stringed instrument from Korea as a gift in World Trade Fair held in NY (9/3, PM2958)
BP 376 1960 President Syngman Rhee resigns after riots over his election. Scenes of crowds mourning for some killed during the riot. (5/2, PM1678)
BP 377 1960 Rhee re-elected for 4th term (95% support) (no date, PM2946)
BP 378 1960 People in Seoul riot in the streets against election of Synghman Rhee. jeep burning at side of road, M/S oil tanker ablaze. burning car. Two police drag a boy away. End of Rhee (4/28, PM1678)

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