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Term Paper Topics 13th Waves 2008 Sept
(Due Date Oct. 1st)

         Urban History (in Europe; focus on history since 1400)
(1)      KMS      Portrait of a City : Berlin 1648-1945
(2)      KYK      Portrait of a City : Vienna 1400-1800
(3)      KHI      Portrait of a City : Vienna 1800-1970
(4)      SDE      Portrait of a City : Rome 1200-1800
(5)      YSM      Portrait of a City : Rome 1800-2000
(6)      LSH      Portrait of a City : St. Petersburg 1702-2002
(7)      KJS      Comparative Urban History : Brugge, Antwerpen and Amsterdam
(8)      KYY      Comparative Urban History : Cracow and Warsaw
(9)      PSW      Comparative Urban History : Madrid and Barcelona
(10)      HDE      Comparative Urban History : Milan and Rome
(11)      KSJ      Comparative Urban History : Frankfurt and Berlin
(12)           Capital Cities in the 15th Century
(13)           Capital Cities in the 18th Century
(14)      JYJ      Mining Cities in the 19th Century
(15)      AJW      Fortress Cities in the 17th to 19th Century
(16)      KJS      Spas from the late 18th into the 20th Century
(17)      JYJ      The History of the Municipal Theatre
(18)      YSW      The History of City Fires and Fire Brigades
(19)      KJH      From Market to Supermarket : the City as Center of Trade
(20)      SJE      Cities under Ottoman Rule
(21)      PJY      Cities in the Russian Empire
(22)           Cities in Scandinavia
(23)           Too Many Cities ? the Urban Landscape of Flanders
(24)           Too Many Cities ? the Urban Landscape of Lombardy
(25)      SJH      Church and City : the case of Bologna
(26)      KJY      Church and the City : the case of Venice
(27)      PJH      Free Imperial Cities
(28)           History of the Mapping of European Cities
(29)           History of Urban Traffic
(30)           History of Street Lighting
(31)      KJY      History of Urban Water Supply & Waste Water Disposal
(32)      PHR      The Importance of Bridges for Urban History
(33)           Company Towns
(34)      PKW      University Cities
(35)      KJW      The Night Watch and History of the Urban Curfew
(36)      PSW      19th Century Pandemics and their Influence on City Planning
(37)           The Municipal Park
(38)      KJY      History of Urban Garbage Disposal
(39)      Sphinx      History of Urban Heating
(40)      KIJ      History of the Skyscraper in Europe
(41)      LES      A City Shaped by Revolutions : Paris
(42)      LYJ      A Communist Model City : Stalingrad
(43)      DHY      European Cities in the Belle Epoque
(44)      YSH      The Influence of Two World Wars, the Great Depression and the Cold War on E. Cities

Sample Students' Term papers on Urban history
Jeong, Hae Yoon, Interbellum Metropoleis : Paris (2008)
Jang, Yoo Jin Paris under Louix XIV, XV, XVI (2007)
Kim, Young Won, Paris from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. What Caused the Parisians to Revolt (2007)
Choi, Jung Yun, A Comparative Economic History of Florence and Venice during the Italian Renaissance of the 14th Century (2008)
Woo, Na Young, A Historical Summary of Berlin's Architectural Controversy (2007)

First claim, by email or verbal, gets the topic; every topic only once.

Many of the topics here are vague. Students can, and are encouraged to, specify topics. Begin with branstorming : what questions do you want to answer ? What information do you have access to ? Papers should be divided in several chapters and have a concluding analysis. Papers should contain endnotes and references.

         July 11th 2008          Alexander Ganse

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