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World History at

Term Paper Topics 13th Waves 2009 Feb.
(Due Date March. 1st)

(1)      Escaped Convict      Russia's Transportation Network and the Country's System of Cities
(2)      Tell's Son      Danzig/Gdansk, German and Polish Nationalism
(3)      Mediator      Prag/Praha, German and Czech Nationalism
(4)           Riga, German and Latvian Nationalism
(5)           Vilnius/Wilno, Lithuanian and Polish Nationalism
(6)           Trieste, Austria's outlet to the Sea, Italian and Slovene Nationalism
(7)           Dalmatia, Italian and Croat Nationalism
(8)           Nizza/Nice, Italian and French Nationalism
(9)      Man in Black      The Impact of Nationalism on Vienna
(10)           Europe's Universities from the Reformation to the Peace of Westphalia 1517-1648
(11)           Europe's Universities from the Peace of Westphalia to the French Revolution 1648-1789
(12)      Aschenputtel      Europe's Universities during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era 1789-1815
(13)      Smurf      Europe's Universities during the Century of Nationalism, 1815-1914
(14)      Viking Diplomat      Higher Education under Communism
(15)      SJH      Higher Education in Fascist States
(16)      LES      Paris from 1774 to 1830
(17)           Warsaw from 1772 to 1831
(18)           Warsaw from 1900 to 2000
(19)           Salonica from 1900 to 2000
(20)      HDE      Leisure in Belle Epoque France
(21)      Pope      World Expositions until 1914
(22)      Sphinx      Air Transport 1903-1939
(23)      YSH      Population Exchange after 1945
(24)           The Balkans : Population Exchange since 1875
(25)           History of Islam on the Balkans Peninsula
(26)      Hägar's Daughter      Concert Music, Opera, Ballett and Theatre in Communist Russia
(27)      Ignoramus      Concert Music, and Theatre under Fascist Regimes
(28)           History of the German-German Medal Race
(29)      KHI      Soviet-Romanian Rivalry in the Olympics
(30)           The 1968 Soviet Invsion of Czechoslovakia and Sports
(31)      Pontifex      The History of Ice Hockey as an International Event (Focus on Europe)
(32)      Nerd      History of Football in Poland
(33)      JYJ      History of the Iron Curtain
(34)           History of Yugoslav-Bulgarian Relations
(35)           History of Hungarian-Romanian Relations
(36)      Amazon      History of Polish-Russian/Soviet Relations
(37)      G1      Economic Booms and Recessions in Europe since 1815
(38)           A Comparative Demographic History of France and Germany since 1815
(39)           Phases in Soviet Economic History
(40)           Foreign Aid Soviet Style
(41)           The State and Sport in the Soviet Union
(42)      G2      The History of TV in Europe
(43)      LSH      The Role of Women in French Society since 1900
(44)      JYK      The Role of Women in British Society since 1900
(45)      Dwarf      Demographic History of the Soviet Union
(46)      JYJ      Poles Famous outside of Poland 1815-1914
(47)      Cellmate      International Support for Italian Unification
(48)      Rapunzel      Philhellenism

First claim, by email or verbal, gets the topic; every topic only once.

         October 20th 2008          Alexander Ganse

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