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World History at

Term Paper Topics 13th Waves 2009 March
(Due Date April. 1st)

(1)           Britain and Italian Unification
(2)      Yaledozer      Britain and the Russo-Japanese War
(3)           Britain and Napoleon III.
(4)      Dwarf      How Britain Could Escape the Revolutions of 1848/1849
(5)      Amazon      Britain and the Polish Rebellions
(6)           Britain and the Ottoman Tanzimat Reforms
(7)      Wilhelm Tell's Son      Britain and the Suez Canal
(8)      Smurf      Britain and the American Civil War
(9)      Cellmate      Britain, the Russian Pogroms and Zionism (until 1914)
(10)           Britain and Russian Autocracy
(11)           Britain and the Papacy 1849-1870
(12)           Britain and the Holy Alliance
(13)           Britain and Spain 1813-1898
(14)           Britain and the Zollverein
(15)      Leni      Britain and the Russian Revolution
(16)           Britain and the Paris Commune
(17)      Olive Oyl      Britain and the Dreyfus Affair
(18)           Britain and Austria-Hungary 1867-1914
(19)           Britain and Ottoman Armenia (-1914)
(20)      Escaped Convict      Britain and Panslavism
(21)      DVD      Britain and Romania, 1848-1914
(22)           Britain and Italy 1918-1922
(23)           Britain and Mussolini's Italy 1922-1940
(24)           Britain and Poland 1918-1939
(25)           Britain and Czechoslovakia 1918-1939
(26)      Nerd      Britain and the Baltic Republics 1918-1940
(27)           Britain and Finland 1918-1940
(28)           Britain and Yugoslavia 1918-1941
(29)      Man in Black      Britain and the Weimar Republic
(30)           Britain and Belgium 1830-1940
(31)           Britain and Denmark 1800-1945
(32)           Britain and Popular Front France
(33)           Britain and the USSR 1922-1928
(34)      Snoopy      Britain and France 1815-1847
(35)           Britain and the French Third Republic
(36)           Imperialism in Britain in the 1880s - Government Policy or Political Fashion ?
(37)      G2      Britain and the Bulgarian Struggle for Independence
(38)           Review : Hansard as a Source (subject : Non-British History)
(39)      NB      Comparative Review : Wikipedia, Speedy Look (subject France-related History)
(40)      G1      Comparative Review : Wikipedia, Economy Point (subject Germany-related Economic History)
(41)           Review : Funding Universe as a Source

First claim, by email or verbal, gets the topic; every topic only once.

Topics on diplomatic history / on the British public opinion on certain events/developments.
Recommended sources : Hansard 1803-2005, Online databank of British parliamentary transactions; Times of London Archive Times of London Archive (since 1785); check Kim Hyun Kyu's Guide on how to best use online newspaper archives (as they require payment).
For a number of topics you may want to consult F.M. Anderson, A.S. Hershey, Handbook for the Diplomatic History of Europe, Asia, and Africa, 1870-1914 (1918), posted on Internet Archive

         January 27th 2009          Alexander Ganse

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