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Urban History Term Paper Topics 13th Waves 2009 Sept

         Urban History (in Europe; focus on history since 1400)
(1)           From City Wall to Citadel : the Military History of Europe's Cities
(2)           The Military History of the Far Eastern City
(3)           The German City State : Free Imperial Cities
(4)           The Italian City State
(5)           Premodern Trade Hubs : Cities with Staple Right
(6)           18th Century Trade Hubs : Free Ports
(7)           Ship Types and Port Cities
(8)           Mining Cities
(9)           Cities as Administrative Centers
(10)           A Comparative History of Markets
(11)           The City as a Multicultural Center : Reconquista Spain
(12)           The City as a Multicultural Center : Reformation Germany
(13)           The City as a Multicultural Center : 19th and 20th Century Eastern Central Europe
(14)           The Russian City
(15)           The Cities of the Sahel Zone
(16)           The Cities of the Levante
(17)           The Cities of Arabia
(18)           Colonial Administrative Centers - Madras, Calcutta, Bombay
(19)           Imperialist Economic Centers - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yokohama
(20)           The Old and the New : (Old) Delhi and New Delhi
(21)           The Old and the New : the Kasbah of Algiers and French Algiers
(22)           The Postcolonial Founded City : Brasilia
(23)           The Postcolonial Founded City : Islamabad
(24)           The Postcolonial Founded City : Abuja
(25)           Sleeping Beauties among Cities : Sana
(26)           Fire and the Premodern City
(27)           Cities and Extreme Environments : Severe Cold
(28)           Cities and Extreme Environments : Severe Water Shortage
(29)           Extinct Urban Professions - Europe
(30)           Extinct Urban Professions - the Muslim World
(31)           Extinct Urban Professions - the Far East
(32)           The Influence of the Casts on Urban Society in India
(33)      Cellmate      Cities in Precolumbian America
(34)           History of Street Lighting
(35)           Cities and Diseases
(36)           19th Century Pandemics and their Influence on City Planning
(37)           The Municipal Park
(38)           History of Urban Garbage Disposal
(39)           History of Urban Heating
(40)           History of the Skyscraper in Europe
(41)           A City Shaped by Revolutions : Paris
(42)      Medieval Peasant      A Communist Model City : Stalingrad
(43)           European Cities in the Belle Epoque
(44)           The Influence of Two World Wars, the Great Depression and the Cold War on E. Cities

Sample Students' Term papers on Urban history
Jeong, Hae Yoon, Interbellum Metropoleis : Paris (2008)
Jang, Yoo Jin Paris under Louix XIV, XV, XVI (2007)
Kim, Young Won, Paris from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. What Caused the Parisians to Revolt (2007)
Choi, Jung Yun, A Comparative Economic History of Florence and Venice during the Italian Renaissance of the 14th Century (2008)
Woo, Na Young, A Historical Summary of Berlin's Architectural Controversy (2007)

First claim, by email or verbal, gets the topic; every topic only once.

Many of the topics here are vague. Students can, and are encouraged to, specify topics. Begin with branstorming : what questions do you want to answer ? What information do you have access to ? Papers should be divided in several chapters and have a concluding analysis. Papers should contain endnotes and references.

         June 8th 2009          Alexander Ganse

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