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World History at

World Term Paper Topics 13th Waves 2010 Feb

         National Historiography
         Taboos (*), Sensitive Issues, Defining Moments/Events. Legends in the History of ...
(1)      Nerd      Australia and New Zealand
(2)           Argentina
(3)      Snoopy      Modern China
(4)      Gunner      Japan
(5)      Lemur      Turkey
(6)      Safari Girl      the Arab Countries
(7)           Egypt
(8)           South Africa
(9)      Medieval Peasant      Russia
(10)      Penseur      India
(11)           Pakistan
(12)      Ukrainian Guy      France
(13)      Ignoramus      Iran
(14)      Amazon      Mexico
(15)      Karajan      Brazil
(16)           Thailand
(17)           Algeria
(18)      Nailbiter      Israel
(19)           Indonesia
         National Historiography
         Namecalling in the History of ...
(20)      Samurai      the PRC
(21)           Taiwan
(22)           the Arab Countries
(23)           Indonesia
(24)           Qing China
(25)      Iditarod      Russia
(26)      Jin      Iran
(26a)      Leni      Tibet
(26b)      Lassie      Israel-Palestine
         National Historiography
         Heroes and Villains in the History of ...
(27)      Smurf      Modern China
(28)      Apprentice      Russia
(29)      Furtwängler      India
(30)           Pakistan
(31)      Zorro      Indonesia
(32)      Volcano      Iran
(33)      Erm      South Africa
(34)      KMT      Taiwan
(35)      Lloyd      Vietnam
(36)      Nerd      Turkey
(37)           Armenia / the Armenians
(38)      Cellmate      the U.S.
(39)      Sheherezade      France
(40)           Egypt
         National Historiography
(41)      Glojo      of Ethiopia
(42)           of the Sudan
(43)           of Libya
(44)           of the Palestinians
(45)           of Mexico
(46)           of Saudi Arabia
(47)      Pope      of Kazakhstan
(48)           of Nigeria
(49)      Carrot      of Singapore
(50)      Yakuza      of the USSR

(*) Taboos, pehaps better : Skeletons in the closet

First claim, by email or verbal, gets the topic; every topic only once.

Students are advised to send in an outline for comment, which will NOT be graded.
Deadline for the papers : the begin of the Final Term Tests.

National Historiography = as the nation wants to see its own history; reflected in history accounts posted by official institutions, in high school textbooks (which need to get state permission for publication) etc.
Legends : example : Manifest Destiny, Arsenal of Democracy ...
Taboos, Sensitive Issues, Defining Moments : Students are expected to pick a few most important taboos etc.; not more than 3-4 each
Heroes and Villains : as pertaining to the nation of your choice.

Sources on National Historiography (selected)
SAUDI ARABIA History, from Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
TIBET : Government of Tibet in Exile Webpage; The History of Tibet - Ancient Tibet, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, The History of Tibet and the Feudal Serfdom in Old Tibet (1), Dalai Lama's utter distortion of Tibet history, from China Daily; History of Tibet, from
SINGAPORE : search for History
EGYPT : History, from Egypt State Information Service
SUDAN : History of the Sudan, from Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan; Sudanese Links : History, from Sudanese Online
ETHIOPIA : A General History of Ethiopia, from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
SOUTH AFRICA : History, from South African Government Online
ALGERIA : History Links, from Algeria Links
LIBYA : History Links, from Libya Links
ARGENTINA : Casa Historia
PALESTINE : Palestine Remembered

D.R. Woolf (ed.), A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing, 2 vols., NY : Garland 1998 [G]

search (1) history pages from embassies, government websites etc., (2) national internet webservers where you can search for history.
(3) identify issues you want to examine and search for official or non-official statements from the country of your interest.

         November 12th 2009; updated March 22nd 2010          Alexander Ganse

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