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World History at

The delimitation of these regions is debatable; for instance Tibet may be regarded belonging to Central, East and or South Asia. Students writing on such regions are expected to spend thought on the definition of the examined region.

Term Paper Topics 14th Waves 2010 Fall

          Historiography : Official Histories

(1)           Akademia Nauk : A Panorama of Polish History
(2)           Akademija Nauk SSSR : A Short History of the USSR
(3)           Viet-Nam Bulletin
(4)           Soviet War News Weekly
(5)           "Historical" Soap Operas
(6)           Harmless Amateurs : Wargamers
(7)           Often Overlooked by Historians : Genealogists
(8)           Menzies - 1421
(9)           The Difference the Excavation of Pompeii made
(10)           What Archaeologists Find and Do not Publish
(11)           His Story and Her Story
(12)           What We Want to Believe vs. the Evidence
(13)      HKJ      The Church and History
(14)           The School and History
(15)           Toward a Universal History
(16)           Taboos in History
(16a)      PEY      Taboos in History : to be specified
(17)           History's Widening Horizon : The Inclusion of Economic History
(18)           History's Widening Horizon : The Inclusion of Social History
(19)           History's Widening Horizon : The Inclusion of the History of Arts, Sciences, of Ideas
(20)           History's Widening Horizon : The Inclusion of Environmental History
(21)           History of Mentalities
(22)      HKJ      Exaggerating History : Alexander the Great
(23)      LSM      One Man's Hero : Sir Francis Drake
(24)      PEY      He Changed the World : Julius Caesar
(25)      LSM      She Tried to Change the World : Cleopatra
(26)           History as a Photo Album
(27)      JCW      The Cartoon Approach of Portraying History
(28)           Local Patriotism and the View of History
(29)           Peking / Beijing Foreign Language Press
(30)           Korean Overseas Information Service
(31)           Publications by Abba Eban
(32)           Library of Congress Country Studies
(33)           U.S., Foreign Military Studies Office
(34)           U.S., Foreign Office, Historical Section
(35)           Israel Office of Information
(36)           Republic of China Government Information Office
(37)           Publications by the Dalai Lama
(38)           Tibetan Exile Organizations (Tibet Info Service; Central Tibetan Administration-in-Exile (India) Dept. of Information & International Relations, Dept. of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration )
(39)           Ministry of Tourism and Information (Turkey, Oman, ...)
(40)           South Africa, Dept. of Information
(41)           Department of information Czechoslovak ministry of foreign affairs (WW II)
(42)           South-west Africa People's Organization Department of Information
(43)           PLO Publications : The Foreign Department Information ; PLO Department of Information and National Guidance
(44)           Royal Institute of International Affairs, Information Department
(45)           Royal Yugoslav Government. Information Department (WW II) ; YUGOSLAV INFORMATION DEPT. LONDON (1941)
(46)           Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Information Department
(47)           Information And Broadcasting Department, Mongolian People's Republic
(48)           Dept. of Information, Malaysia
(49)           Press and Information Department Embassy of Iran ; Iran, General Department of Press and Information.
(51)           Information Department of the Austrian Consulate General
(52)           A Korea Chronology Part I Dec 27, 1945-Sept. 18, 1950 United Nations, Dept. of Public Information
(53)           Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, Information Department
(54)           China. Ministry of Information. International Department. (pre-1949)
(55)           Manila, Dept. of Public Information
(56)           Federal Department of Information, Malaya
(57)           The Northern Rhodesia Handbook Northern Rhodesia Information Dept
(58)           Nailed to the Counter : RUSSIAN TRADE DELEGATION. INFORMATION DEPT (1923)
(59)           PRESS INFORMATION DEPARTMENT, GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN (60)           Government Publications of Burma / Myanmar : (61)           Burma. Information and Broadcasting Dept. ; Burma (Union). Dept. Of Information and Broadcasting
World Zionist Organization, Department of Information
(62)           The Problem of the Palestine Refugees Information Department, Cairo 1962
(63)           The Suez Canal. Facts and Documents. Egytian Information Department 1957
(64)           Ministry of Information Ethiopia Press Department
(65)           Indonesia. Department of Information / Departemen Penerangan
(66)           Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Federal Information Dept.
(68)           Ghana is Born, 6th March 1957 Ghana. Information Services Department
(69)           Ceylon Government Information Department.

Every student takes two topics. The first one should have a specific book in the center of observation; first presentation 25 % of the score; second presentation 25 %; paper 50 %.

Every topic only once; first email gets the topic.

General Reference : Ernst Breisach, Historiography Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Chicago : UP (1983) 2007, KMLA Lib. Call Sign 907.2 B 835h
D.R. Woolf (ed.), A Global Encyclopedia of Historical Writing, NY : Garland, 2 vols. 1998 [G]

         May 26th 2010          Alexander Ganse

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