The Campaign for Woman's Right to Vote as Reflected in the New Zealand Press

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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Oct. 8th 2011
Oct. 8th 2011
Oct. 7th 2011
Dec. 14th 2010
Dec. 14th 2010
Dec. 14th 2010
Dec. 14th 2010

Oct. 8th 2010 . go to KHB's Log

(1) Looks nice. However, if your search failed to detect a number of articles (as assumed with reason, below), it gives an imprecise picture.
(2) Apart from the quantitative approach you have enough data to enter the phase of analysis. (2a) You can divide the period you cover into phases of your own definition. (2b) You can analyze inhowfar newspapers merely reported what went on, or in one way or the other, contributed to the process. (2c) You may want to add a list of very short biographies of persons involved in the process, or establish a list or references (links) to such biographies. Your paper is directed to a worldwide readership, which is not that familiar with the history of New Zealand.

Oct. 8th 2010 . go to KHB's Log

Also much better; irrelevant information removed, relevant information provided in more density and detail.
Now, I believe you trusted in what the computer threw out when you searched using specific key terms.
Example : your article no.217 has the headline WOMEN'S FRANCHISE. No. IV. TO THE EDITOR. Now, I can find letters number V and VI, but not I, II and III. Did you search for them ?
Also : your timeline gives you key dates. Did you search for responses to the activities of 'Femina' and of 'Polly Plum' ?
If, during further search, you find additional articles, do not renumber the articles; give new articles a number of the type 217a.

Oct. 7th 2010 . go to KHB's Log

Much better organized.
Please write a paragraph how you established this list (which keywords you used).

Dec. 14th 2010 . go to KHB's Log

(1) give reference to where you got these. I know you named your file "Timeline by Wikipedia", but any reader of this log does not, and I want you to list precise Article titles and URLs.
(2) work on these timelines. You can erase entries which you regard irrelevant; as we want to focus on the time until 1890, many entries after 1893 may be, for the purpose of this paper, of little relevance.
On the other hand you can add to the New Zealand timeline : add date when the first article discussing the women's right to vote appeared in a New Zealand newspaper. Add the dates when organizations, which campaigned for women's right to vote in New Zealand were founded etc.

Overall comment : I like the database you established. It can be used to answer a lot of questions.
Once you have fixed the list of articles according to my comments below, I want you to write (a) a section on individual newspapers.
How many articles on the matter ? how many posituve, how many negative, how many neutral ? For every newspaper.
(b) a biographical section on persons involved in the discussion.
(c) a section on organizations involved in the discussion.
I hope that we can show how the discussion of the issue in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand were interconnected.
You have done a lot of basic work. The next step is to make the best use of it.

Dec. 14th 2010 . go to KHB's Log

see under Dec. 14th 2010

Dec. 14th 2010 . go to KHB's Log

(1) Looks good. Use search function to figure out how many articles refer to it for 1891, 1892, 1893.

Dec. 14th 2010 . go to KHB's Log

(1) We will limit our search for newspaper articles to such articles published on or before October 10th 1890. You have a sufficient source base now to answer piles of questions.
(2) The last article on your file page 2 is of November 11th 1879, the first article on page 3 is of 9 July 1883. I suspect somehow articles from December 1879 to June 1883 are missing. Check.
(3) Article under 14 August 1875 has "Southland Times" in date column. Fix.
(4) Article i\under 17 January 1890 has "Clutha Leader" in the date column. Fix.
(5) Your file page six : top 4 articles in this order : 6 August 1890, 12 August 1890, 9 August 1890, 12 August 1890. sort chronologically
(6) Your file page 5 : articles in this order : 6 August 1889, 20 August 1889, 10 August 1889; sort chronologically
(7) Your file page 5 : articles in this order : 2 April 1887, 6 April 1887, 15 April 1887, 2 April 1887, 4 April 1887, 6 April 1887, 15 April 1887. I wonder if the two articles from 2 April are not identical, also the two articles of 6 April and 15 April. eliminate double listings, sort chronologically

Your list has 4 columns. Once you fixed the problems listed above, I want you to
(8) expand the list as follows :
Six Columns : Article Number - Date - Newspaper - Headline - Comment - Country
Column number six refers to the country the article refers to (New Zealand, United Kingdom, other)
(9) write a chapter in which you explain which keywords you used in your search, and by what criteria you decided to include articles in this list.