WHKMLA Sources of European History
Document Exercise - British Social History, Early 19th Century

Analyze how various authors view the phenomenon of poverty, its causes
and ways to address the problem in 19th century Britain

Sources excerpts from publications posted on Google Books; composed by Alexander Ganse, April 24th 2010

Text 1 : Annual report of the Poor Law Commissioners for England and Wales, 12 July 1836 p.485

Text 2 : Thomas Attwood, Arthur Young, Observations on currency, population, and pauperism, 1818, pp.93-94

Text 3 : Alexander Dunlop, A treatise on the law of Scotland relative to the poor, 1828, p.128

Text 4 : Royal Statistical Society, Statistical illustrations of the territorial extent and population, rental, taxation,
finances, commerce, consumption, insolvency, pauperism and crime of the British Empire, 2nd ed. 1827 p.7

Text 5 : James White, The village poor-house, 2nd ed. 1832 pp.7-8

Text 6 : Thomas C. Hansard, p.529 in vol.101 of Parliamentary Debates,
Third Series commencing with the Accession of William IV.,
11th and 12th Victoriae 1847-1848, London 1848 (p.529 : 25 Aug. 1848)

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