Comparison of Korean and British Newsreels on Korean Historical Events

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Table of Contents

Timeline , Jun. 1st 2011
Working Table of Contents , Mar. 2nd 2011

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1. 1948 UN sponsored elections are held in South Korea
2. 1948 Establishment of the Republic of Korea with Syeongman Rhee as President
3. 1948 Establishment of the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea with Kim-Il-sung as Premier
4. 1950 Korean War
5. 1960 April Revolution
6. 1964 South Korea joined Vietnam War
7. 1972 Red Cross Talks between North and South Korea

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I. Introduction
I.1 What is a Newsreel
I.2 Why Korean and British Newsreels
I.2.1 Korean Newsreels
I.2.2 British Newsreels
II. Events being the Criterion
II.1. Newsreels of the April Revolution
II.1.1 The need to preserve this event as a newsreel
II.1.2 Newsreels in British why ?
II.1.3 Keyword differences
II.1.4 Content differences
III. Differences in Newsreels being the Criterion
IV. Events made to Newsreels - List of Korean Historical events and short description
V. Why these events
V.1 Influence it had to Korea (socially, economically, politically¡¦)
V.2 Influence it had to the West (?) (socially, economically, politically¡¦)
VI. Why into Newsreels ? This might go better off if inserted it in the intro ?
VI.1 Targeted audience
VI.2 The merit it had
VII. Difference in Search Routes more importantly the viewpoint it had on the event would be different
VII.1. Keywords
VII.2. Its objective
VII.3. Which kinds of sites they are posted in
VII.4. What type of movies were they screened with
VIII. Different Features
VIII.1. Number of newsreels
VIII.2. Average time length
VIII.3. Accuracy in description

April Revolution (1960)
Fleet of President Kim Dae Jung
The Assassination of President Park Jung Hee (1979)
The Gwangju Uprising (1980)