Colonial and Post-Colonial Education, a Comparison of (British) Egypt and (French) Algeria

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References , Dec. 13th 2010
Working Table of Contents , Dec. 13th 2010

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Part 1 : Introduction
I. Introduction
II. Selection
II.1 Selection Criteria
II.2 Selection Results
III. Method of Study
III.1 Goal of Study
III.2 Overview of Approach
Part 2 : Colonial Education
I. Background Information
I.1 Colonialism
I.2 Pre-existing Education
I.2.1 Egypt
I.2.2 Algeria
II. History
II.1 Colonial Education in General
II.2 History of the System and Institutions
II.2.1 Egypt
II.2.2 French Algeria
II.2.3 Comparison
III. Analysis
III.1 Colonial Policies, Goals, and the Effects
III.1.1 Egypt
III.1.2 French Algeria
Part 2 : Post-Independence Education
IV. Background Information : Post-Independence
V. History
V.1 Post-Independence Education in General
V.2 History of the System and Institutions
V.2.1 Egypt
V.2.2 Algeria
V.2.3 Comparison
VI. Analysis
VI.1 Policies in Post-Independence Era, Goals, and the Effects
VI.1.1 Egypt
VI.1.2 Algeria
Part Three : Conclusion
VII. Overall Comparison at a Glance: Education in Egypt and Algeria
VIII. Conclusion