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World History at

Term Paper Topics 14th Waves 2009 March
(Due Date June. 1st)

We are going to study social history of Western & Central Europe 1789-1914, with focus on family and household - one specific area of history. Every student, at the beginning of the course, will choose a specific topic. We will then examine sources which describe or attempt to describe the living environment. The goal is for students to (1) learn how to take in historical information not as a passive recipient lacking orientation, but as an active recipient with specific questions in mind, (2) to learn how, using a collection of diverse pieces of information which belong to different points in time, different geographical areas and social strate, to compile a cohesive paper describing the development from the French Revolution to World War I, (3) how to systematically look for sources which help them fill gaps in their collection of sources.
Requirements : students will give a presentation on their topic and to hand in a paper.

(1)      Anarchist      The Size of the Family
(2)      KJH      Life Expectancy
(3)           Household Chores : the Laundry
(4)           Household Chores : Gardening
(5)           Household Chores : Cleaning
(6)           Heating a House
(7)           The Kitchen
(7a)           Food Preservation
(7b)           Food Preparation
(8)           The Problem of Ventilation
(9)           Public Transportation
(10)           The Shoppiing Experience
(11)           Men's Haircut and Beard - fashion and care
(12)           Women's Haircut and Beard - fashion and care
(13)           Men's Fashion
(14)           Women's Fashion - Hats
(15)           Women's Fashion - Sunday Dress
(16)           What the Housewife Wears at Home
(17)      KDH      The Appearance of the Kitchen in Last 200 Years : The Kitchen of Europe and Korea
(18)           Children's Fashion - Girls
(19)           Household Garbage Disposal
(20)           The Family Dinner
(20a)      BJH      History of Tableware
(21)           Family Leisure Activities
(22)           The Family Goes Out
(23)           How to Wash Yourself
(24)           Nature Calls
(25)           The Family at Night
(26)           Factory Hall
(27)           The Family Budget
(28)      WSM      The School Curriculum
(29)      CSJ      Sickness and Disease
(30)           The Street in front of the House
(31)      Medieval Peasant      Uninvited Guests : Mice, Cockroaches etc.
(32)           Housemaids, Butlers etc.
(33)           Paying Guests - Subtenancy
(34)           How the Factory Worker Dressed
(35)           Advertisements
(36)           Bureaucracy and the Household
(37)           The Household and Pollution
(38)           Household Hazards
(39)           Traffic Hazards
(40)      Chrix      Textiles in the Eastern and Western World
(41)           The Street as a Social Gathering Place
(42)           Hazards at the Workplace

First claim, by email, gets the topic; every topic only once.

         February 4th 2009          Alexander Ganse

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