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Term Paper Topics 14th Waves 2010 Spring

          European History : Biased History Textbooks

(1)           The Coverage of Small Nations in European History Textbooks : the Balkans Nations, the Baltic Nations, the Alpine Nations, the Slavic Nations of Eastern Central Europe, the Celtic Nations
(1a)           the Scandinavian Nations
(1b)      Bonnie Prince Charlie      the Balkan Nations
(1c)      Genghis Khan      the Alpine Nations
(2)           The Coverage of Ethnicities without a Nation State
- Central & Southern Europe, Sedentary Minorities : Basques, Bretons, Corsicans, Catalans, Frisians, Welsh, Scots, Gaelic Irish
- Nomadic Minorities : Sami (Laplanders), Gypsies, Tatars, Cossacks
- Religious Minorities : Jews, Russia's, Spain's Muslims, Ottoman Christians
(2a)      CHB      Religious Minorities Spain's Muslims, Ottoman Christians
(2b)      CCW      Minorities : Mediterranean Islanders (Corsicans, Sardinians, Sicilians)
(3)           The Coverage of the Landless Poor in European History Textbooks
(4)      Gatekeeper      The Coverage of Food and Nutrition in European History Textbooks
(5)      BSM      The Coverage of Youth, Adulthood, Old Age in European History Textbooks
(6)      Vitus Bering      The Coverage of Work and Professions in European History Textbooks
(7)      Nureyev      The Coverage of Nature and the Environment in European History Textbooks
(8)      Minjok Tom Cruise      The Coverage of Gender Roles & Discrimination in European History Textbooks
(9)      Knight in Shining Armour      The Coverage of Leisure in European History Textbooks
(10)           The Coverage of Propaganda and Indoctrination in European History Textbooks
(10a)      Rasputin      in Russia
(11)           The Coverage of Superstition in European History Textbooks
(12)      Suffragette      The Coverage of the History of Language in European History Textbooks
(13)           The Coverage of Regions (within Nations) in European History Textbooks : Bavaria, Scania, Tuscany, Catalonia, the Provence, Lombardy, Russia's Frontier (the Volga Valley)
(13a)      Anarkhist      Tuscany and Lombardy
(14)      Prospective Saint      The Coverage of European Integration in European History Textbooks

These topics are broad and require further specification. It is possible that several students, for example, choose topic no.1, with one student writing on the coverage of the Baltic Nations, another one on the Alpine Nations.
U.S. textbooks for AP European History Courses will serve as our PRIMARY SOURCES.
Students will have one topic for the entire semester. It is recommended for them to hand in an outline for comment; it will not be graded. Deadline first day of the final term tests.

First Research Question : Inhowfar do the textbooks cover the aspect you examine ?
Second Research Question : In regard to the aspect you examine, what would you regard worthy of being included in a textbook on general European history ?
Third : Come up with an overall judgment.

Piece of Advice : use winter vacation, February and March to get as much of your research done as possible. In April-May term tests and AP tests, perhaps SAT tests will take most of your time.

Sources :
Kagan/Ozment/Turner, Western Heritage 909 K111 2001, 909 K11w
Merriman, A History of Modern Europe 940.2 M568a
Viault, Modern European History [G]

         November 13th 2009          Alexander Ganse

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