Ethiopian Church History

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July 14th 2012
Mar. 26th 2012
Oct. 7th 2011
Sept 22nd 2011
June 23rd 2011
June 17th 2011

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This is a more complete list.

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This is a better list.
With google books URLs : cut off the tail (beginning withy the first &)
In regard to your problem with languages : yes, use google translate. And : you picked the topic. I knew it would be difficult to find a proper source base, and that these would mostly not be in English (and none in Spanish / Korean) - this is not a surprise. Learn to live with the situation.

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Your list of references is comparatively short. In my thesis, the list of primary sources alone filled 25 pages, smallest font I could find. Now, you need to learn to skim. If you know what kind of information you look for, you can go through a book quickly. Not relevant, not relevant, not relevant, here is some information I can use.
The real problem is not too much information. The problem is that you picked a general topic, but you did not decide what precisely you want to examine. You do not know yet, what you are looking for. That is why you can not skim, why you have to read books cover to cover.

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This looks much better organized.
(1) for the Historical Dictionary, give the pages of the bibliography section.
(2) If you would number your sources, it would be easier for me to point at individual entries.
(3) For google books entries :
you can cut off the "tail" : if you want to refer to the book, or if you want to refer to a text starting on page one
(4) Ethiopain Church (p.2-7) Spelling

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(1) and the EOC
(2) Sacred Art
(3) Western Church - here plural applies because there are more than one
You see, finding an interesting area to study about does not mean it is easy to organize. The vast majority of writing available and accessible to us will be from the late 19th and 20th century. The Historical Dictionary which you have gives you a decent ovierview of what has been published in English language. Assuming that we exclude any literature published in Geez (which might date much further back in history), there may be older texts in languages such as French, Latin and Portuguese, probably with a strong Catholic bias. I have been updating my Ethiopia index page; look through it again; there were publications about or by Jesuits in Ethiopia, I remember.
Your ToC shows that you are at the beginning of your research.
Your interest in this topic began with the fascination Ethiopian sacred art exercised on you. You may look for literature on the history of early christian (Mediterranean) sacred art, for comparison, in the Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic world.
It may make sense to organize this paper as a comparative history of Christian sacred art, a paper which would emphasize the early centuries of Christian history.

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looks okay to me. Given the research question you are going to examine, the list may expand, though.