The Media Coverage of Historical Famine

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

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Outline , Apr. 8th 2011

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Since the beginning of the semester, I've been working on finding reference and setting up the table of contents.
I found some quite useful books and articles such as Cormac O Grada's "Famine, a short history". Especially, the book would be useful as the bibliogrpahical source since it introduces many other sources which fit to my research topic.
The first obstacle that I face now is in setting up the list of famines that I will deal with. In order to do so, I need a specific definition and criterion of what famine exactly is, such as the number of casualties. Although I looked up some articles and books, they were not that satisfying. However, I think I can get an appropriate one soon.
Also, the biggest problem is the the way to access media that I'll deal with. As you know, I want to examine historical media dealing with the issue of famine.
I think it's not that difficult in the case of newspaper since I can get access if I pay a few dollars. The real problem is the newsreels. I visitied a few online newsreel archives but there wasn't a single newsreel about famine. So, can you help to find those newsreels